Thursday, October 30, 2008

Better version of our Winefest Weekend in Charlotte

This is a better written article of what took place last weekend, Perhaps, I killed a few brain cells, & could'nt recall ALL the details... However, Nothing is wrong with sugar in your Grits!!!!

My View from 30,000 Feet: <s>Winefest</s> Weekend in Charlotte

Monday, October 27, 2008

Black Monday....

Okay, Maybe I'm being a bit Dramatic...

When my alarm went off at Ohhhhhh Dark Thirty, I walked into my kitchen, clicked my favorite appliance to "ON", Took the Izzy Girl out for her morning ritual.. came back into the house waiting for the smell of freshly brewed coffee to hit me in the face...

NOTHING... Hmmmm?

Back into the kitchen, trying to focus.. click click click, NOTHING..
Is it plugged in? Yes? Do I have power? Yes.. I can hear CNN..

The Coffee Machine, She izza broken,,, Under normal conditions this would not be a good way to start any morning...This was not UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS...
This was a Monday, after a "Girls Weekend"...

A packed 48 hours of sheer Girl Fun! NO Boyz allowed!
Which included but not limited too:

-Happy Hour upon arrival
-Catching Up (Gossip)
-Dinner with Drinks
-After dinner drinks
-Hotel Breakfast
-Make-Up tips
-Prepare for Mall Outing
-Shopping, Shopping & Shopping
-Lunch with drinks
-Shopping, Shopping & Shopping
-Got Matchy ~ Matchy Little Black Dresses
-Mall refreshments (aka wine)
-More Shopping
-Aqua Massage
-More Shopping
-Phone Mastercard to see how much more I could spend.
-What do you mean the Mall is closing?
-What do you mean we missed Happy Hour?
-PreDinner Wine, Dinner with Wine
-Chick Flick with umm,, you guessed it Wine!!
-0430 Bedtime!!
-Morning coffee (I can't believe we slept thru breakfast)
-Brunch @ Cracker Barrel (Yummy) *Hello Brady*
-Time to go home!

This was our 1st stateside "Girls Weekend", I think all in all it went
very well.. Where will our next adventure be? (I'm pushing for Italy)

-Thanks for the memories "Nett"
**We didn't get in trouble with customs (London) .. We didn't aquire any wine pitchers (Paris).. we didn't have to worry about a Radio Taxi (Argentina)!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The newest members of our Family! ! ! !

You may think being a Flight Attendant, we're all taken to a secret back room during training to learn to pack the "ultimate suitcase"... Truth be told, We're NOT!!

My education was basically Trial & Error.... If it fits keep it... If it doesn't, Toss it...& you have to be prepared... you NEVER know where you will end up.. Say you are on reserve in January...all you have in your rollerboard are sweaters and long johns, because you have been flying to Canada & the North East.. Yet, On your last day you end up in Miami & it's 85 degrees.. A seasoned Flight attendant would have a swimsuit packed.... RIGHT? It's amazing what a flight attendant can pack in a 21 inch rollerboard. After a year of living out of a Suit Case ,, You some how "Get it".

I tell you that, to tell you this:

This logic has worked pretty well throughout the years... Until..our last cruise. On the shuttle to our hotel we ran into a couple going on the same cruise as us.. the driver hopped out to pull our luggage out of the back, The Better Half and I were amiss... when the driver pulled out 2 tiny suitcases & off the other couple went to check in, then Mr. Driver pulled out our 2 (30 Inch) suitcases, 2 (21 inch) rollerboards & 2 totes... The other couple said "Is that all yours?" Well, YES!! We replied.. & with an inqusitive look on our faces,, We asked "Where is the rest of your luggage?" This is all we brought they said: WOW.. How'd they do that? Understand this was only a 7 day cruise,,,

Time to Down Size: Out with the "30Inch best that Wal-Mart could buy suitcase" & In with the (Drum Roll Please) NEW 26 Incher.. I know what you're thinking... It's only 4 inches? So, does size matter?
Sure it does .. when you're the one who is schelping your suitcase, it is!

In December TBH & I depart for Sydney, Austrilia, with our new 26inchers in tow, We'll be packing for 21 days...Now, just to let you know the way we pack: I "Bundle" & TBH is a "Roller" & if it does'nt fit it Ain't Goin!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

"Princess"... Me? No our Cruise Ship

To Friends & Family: Above you can click on the photo to see the recent cruise to New England & Canada. We hope you enjoy!

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