Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't want to serve your country....... DO NOT JOIN!!!

Opinions mixed about soldier's refusal to report

FORT JACKSON, SC (WIS) - For some, joining the military is not only a contract with the government, but a contract with honor.
Sgt. Matthis Chiroux was to report the Individual Ready Reserve last Sunday at Fort Jackson, but he refused. It's a decision that has made headlines around the world, and a decision that has sparked the opinions of many of his fellow soldiers.

Master Sgt. Gary has been vocal about what he thinks.:

"My father always taught me that a handshake was a man's honor and signing on the dotted line is equivalent to a hand shake and so if they made the commitment, I believe they should honor it and if they didn't, quite frankly I question them as a man," MSG Gary said.
When it comes to a soldier who doesn't complete a military contract, MSG Gary disagrees with Chiroux's choice.
"I really think that they're subject to the punishment that the military law stipulates because they signed a contract," MSG Gary said.
Other reservists, like Specialist Joshua Nole, don't agree with Chiroux's decision, but he understands.
"Up until a couple of years ago, military really never used IRR and told you when you sign a contract, don't really worry about it, you're not going to get called up," Nolze said. "Nowadays, it's a different story, different world. You're getting called up and it's something you've got to think about before you sign up."

As a soldier, you always sign at least an eight year contract. Most spend at least two of those years serving active duty with the remainder of the contract spent in some form of the reserves - mostly the IRR.


Here are my comments:

Mr. Chiroux

You are a sad piece of work & little boy with No honor. Let me guess.. You graduated High School & you wanted to go to college, you needed money, you thought to yourself…I will let Uncle Sam pay for my way thru college…. When you VOLUNTEERED for the military, did you not think,,, you’d be called upon to serve your country??? I wished spineless folks like you could be deported.. Or at least loose your US Citizenship.

You are going to Washington to solicit support from Congress? Why should they help you? That same war that you are claiming is illegal occupation, THIS CONGRESS voted on & approved! Maybe Mr. Obama can help you, since he is so patriotic.

When you signed on the dotted line, you sign on for an 8 year commitment, This applies to every soul that VOLUNTEERS to come in the military. Hence NO DRAFT! Nobody
forced you… Please don’t come to Fort Jackson…. I want you to receive an
DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE.. You deserve that!!!

For all of you who agree with this fool, Think about this… He could of stayed in Alabama, NOT Joined the Military…and lived his life in peace in this great country
Worked his 9 to 5 job, gotten married had his 2.5 kids. Mr. Chiroux is a coward
and looking for publicity and sympathy… None of which he will get here at
Fort Jackson… Home of PROUD SOLDIERS!!!!!!

** Don’t want to serve your country… Here is a clue… DO NOT JOIN!!!!!**

Sergeant First Class US Army

Sunday, June 22, 2008

SEX PACKAGE ! !! !??! !!

You just can't make this stuff up....

In our search for a Hotel Package over the 4th of July weekend, Off to the Internet we go.. We found some spectacular packages ranging from the normal....

Spa, Zoo, & the ubiquitous Bed & Breakfast Packages.

However, this one caught our eye a (Drum Roll please) A "SEX" Package!!!!!!!

Well, sign us up!!!! Come to think of it, We'll take 2....

Next time you are in Toronto, Canada

Stay at the Old Mill Inn & Spa

Disclaimer: The Old Mill Inn is celebrating romance with a complimentary upgrade! Enjoy a romantic evening of dinner and dancing, then wake up to a cozy breakfast in bed. Includes choice of chocolate dipped strawberries, Belgian chocolates, rose petals or spa gift.

Okay, so it is just normal romance package, but it got your attention ,,,HUH??

Friday, June 20, 2008

Does it really matter?

With all the gloom & doom in the media about high gas prices and the domino effect it's having on prices on everything.... from airline tickets to apples. My question for the day is:

Are gas prices really effecting you....?

The reason I ask, Yesterday I tried an experiment, Yes, it was a one woman experiment ... you sure can't call it official or anything...

I will share...

I set my cruise on 65 mph (5 miles over the speed limit) yesterday on my way home... I was tail gated, flipped off, honked at, given sneers, and passed like I was sitting still by every car on the road from a V8 Escalade, 18 wheelers, school buses, and I believe a Yugo...

If gas price are really so bothersome ,, How come I don't see any changes in my day to day life....? I'm as frustrated at these gas prices as everyone every time I fill up my gas tank!

I'm frustrated at our government for not doing something earlier, I'm frustrated at the car manufactures, I'm frustrated by the lack of mass transportation where I live.

The news stated last night "we" as a country are driving less...I would agree with that,
I know I am. As far as my experiment is concerned..
We sure are not driving any S L O W E R..
At least not here in Columbia, South Carolina.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bucket List >?<

Happy Birthday to me,,,
Happy Birthday to me....

Well..Not yet ..My Birthday is ...

June 16th..

So to all my Sisters & Brothers who share this date with me


I really bring this up for one reason only.... We watched the "Bucket List" last night, Yes I'm aware it has been out for awhile now, .. I do Blockbuster online .. I wait till they come to me. On my last flight to London, the gentleman sitting next to me was watching the "Bucket List", I asked him how he liked it & he wasn't worth watching, So I didn't,,,,, I watched "27 dresses" instead,,,
My Mom & Dad are on a cruise, I called my mom... She said they were in the theater on the ship watching the "Bucket List" my Dad
(oh by the way...HAPPY FATHERS DAD, Dad)
said it was the best movie he had ever seen, SO I ordered it....

THE Popcorn is popped, beer is on hand...In goes the movie....

GREAT FEEL GOOD MOVIE!~... We loved it...

We cried, We laughed, But.....That got us to thinking,,,,

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Cooking School in Italy
  • Sky Dive
  • Scuba Dive The Great Barrier Reef
  • Build my own home
  • Spoil my Grand baby's
  • Own a Vineyard

Those are just a couple off the top of my head.... We have such a small amount of time on this planet, we all need to make sure we make the best of it...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Humor in Uniform


Part of what I do in the US Army is Inprocess soldiers....I do their initial paperwork to bring them back onto Active Duty from the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)....

This is never a dull moment...we ask several various question, From mundane "What is your blood type?" to ... "Who would you like to receive your insurance money?" ... We get to know the soldiers we are inprocessing pretty well.... Today, I was inprocessing this younger soldier and I asked him, "Who will be responsible for your remains if something should happen to you?" The soldier thought about it for a moment..... and said.. "Well, my Mom",,,, then silence.... I began to type his mothers information.....

I am well aware of the seriousness of my job & this question, it has to be asked .. So we know the wishes of the soldier...

I would guess about 30 seconds had passed when the soldier stopped me & asked,,,"is it to late to change my answer?" .."I'd like to put my brother, it would be easier for him to pick up my remains, because he has a pickup"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was dead serious....... I tried so hard not to chuckle.....

My rely to him was: "I will put who ever you want" yet, I am a southern gal so that was followed by: "Bless your heart"......

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wild Blue Yonder...!!!

I sit here this evening watching:
WHEN WE LEFT EARTH: The NASA Missions on Discovery Channel..
I love SPACE, Space programs, Space movies, Space anything. My movie library consists of an entire 4 whole movies, "The Right Stuff" is one of them... I do believe I was more excited to see NASA than my son was when we took him. I even wanted to send my son to Space Camp, just so I could go and live vicariously thru him..

I told you that story .. To tell you this one:

As a Flight Attendant .. I try not to bother my "VIP Passengers",, First off I don't usually know who they are, I don't usually recognize them, or bite my tongue for saying this... You love the character of who they portrait, Yet in person they are horrible human beings.. (You know who you are)

One special day, My VIP list came to me ...there was a name I actually recognized..I was so excited!! I was informed by VIP services ..Not to let "others" bother this specific passenger... "OTHERS",, That means everyone else right? That couldn't possibly include ME?? Half way thru the flight ... I sat down next to him & said "I have NEVER asked anyone for their autograph until today, But I'm going to ask you"... To date: Dr. Buzz Aldrin is the only autograph I have & Treasure!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication

A +
... That is the score I received from my Doctor!!!
On May 14th I underwent surgery for "Gerd" the procedure is called Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication... "Nissen" for short..
20 days have past, & I'm almost back to normal, If you could ever call me "normal",,, I feel like I am about at 80%.. and nary a purple pill in sight, If you have Gerd/Reflux, then you know what I speak of! One night in the hospital, and they send me home with a belly full of holes, Well, only 6 but they HURT!,,,, First, 48 hours at home I slept, my first milestone was actually getting out of the bed by myself,, "hooooorah".... Second week I could actually walk like a human and not Mrs Frankenstein... I want to take this opportunity to thank all my Family, friends & Co-workers for all the thoughts, prayers & have bestowed on me. On a second note, I could not have made it without the loving help from Jack, Thank You Darlin for all the chicken broth, popsicles and popping percocet down my throat when I was grouchy! I love you....

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