Friday, September 24, 2010

Budapest Metro ~ EasyPeasy

Getting around Buda & Pest is easy with the Metro system they have... You have 3 choices, Underground Sub, An above ground Tram or the Busses...

We purchased a 3 Day tourist card & loved that we could hop around town without having to stop & purchased anything else...

You can purchase a 1, 3 or 7 day tourist cards, They are only good for the BudaPest area, so if you are taking a day trip, You'll have to purchased an AddOn.

Also these tickets are NOT good for the Funicular, that is Extra as well!
The Metro stops are easily identified...

There are 3 Official lines in Budapest. . Metro 4 will be Officially UP & Running soon.

IS The Water safe to drink?

The Better Half, Testing the Water!!
Heading to another country? Do you google...
"Is the Tap Water safe to drink??"

Do you? So Do I... Good to know!

Heading to Hungary, I had to google this tid bit of information:
Well, Is it... ? The answer is YES!!! Not only is the tap water safe to drink... We hear you can drink it straight from the Statues in town.. (He never got sick)
Okay, to me that is pushing the limits of a Safe & Fun holiday... but The Better Half decided to test the theory!
We actually saw several folks filling up their water bottles from the fountains in town..

You notice you do not see me drinking from any of these fountains, Like I told the better half. . . . When they have fountains dispensing WINE, Then I'll Drink!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bakers Dozen? ~ NOT ~

What's wrong with this Picture?
 This is what you get at the local Budapest Supermarket for 98 Cents or (219 Forint)
And,  Don't try to find a White Egg...
They don't have them!

Also on this subject, if anyone is reading this from Budapest, Can you tell me where you can find Peanutbutter?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do you know your water?

So,  were standing in front of a Wall of Water ~ 

Has it happened to you??  

     "Which one do you want?"   I ask my Better Half...  
"I don't care, Pick One"  He says.....

In Budapest, You have to pick your water according to the color of the lid...!!!

Good to know,  I would like to Thank the gentleman who explained this to me at the local Spar Supermarket the other day,    As a normal American, I'm pretty much used to flat water, (No Bubbles)  In Europe you have choices:

This is where the Lids come into play:

Blue:  Fizzy, Gas, Carbonated

Green:  Less Fizzy, Less Gas, Mild Carbonation

Pink:  Flat!!

Now you know,  Hope I could help!

Don't even get me started on trying to find Coffee Filters.... Wow, Really?

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