Monday, April 6, 2009

The Ultimate Travel Find

When I say I've been searching for a Travel blow dryer for awhile is an understatement, I've been searching for a few years......

When I travel overseas or go on a cruise, This small item becomes a challenge ....., I have been blessed with a head full of thick thick hair (Thank You, Momma)!! I might as well stand on the balcony and wait for a good gust of wind to dry my hair... I'd have better odds.. Especially when you consider that big bulky box they have hanging on the wall on most cruise ships & hotels wouldn't dry your hair if you stood their the entire week.... You gals know what I'm talking about... You stand in the bathroom screaming like a character on Star Trek, "I need MORE POWER"
Now I have it: While shopping this weekend at Beauty Brands, I ran across this precious jewel by BaByliss Pro. 1000 Watts of sheer joy!

We depart on our cruise in 6 days,
I can't wait to pack my new travel find. I know as a Flight Attendant, space is so very precious.. & with my new BaByliss Nano, I know I'll still have room for lots of souvenirs.

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