Saturday, July 31, 2010

Next Cruise: Spoil Yourself . . .

I know I scared a few folks during my last blog, by showing you a MRE....

I thought I'd share with you a Better memory!

On our last Celebrity Cruise, we opted to dine in the Speciality Resturant on our "At Sea" day..

Alot of other cruisers we speak to, refuse to pay the extra surcharge to dine in this resturant, They say
"We've already paid to eat, why should we pay extra?"


I'll tell ya why... First off the food is far superior..
Secondly the service makes you feel like royalty..

Let's begin with the Salad, Doesn't this just look like a piece of art work? It really was a shame to eat it & Yes, it was as good as it looks! Below is TheBetterHalf salad, I think mine looks best:

Our salads were followed by my Goat Cheese Souffle,
Very decadent...Indeed..

Prior to your main course arriving, you will be offered an "Intermezzo" or a "Trou Normand" Fancy words meaning, to cleanse your palate prior to the GoodStuff arriving!!!

On tonights Menu, Surf & Turf:

Your dinner will be prepared table-side for your viewing pleasure. I cannot complain about cruise food, I've never lost any weight cruising, but this meal kicks it up to an even higher level, Especially if you want to spoil yourself's for one evening, your Birthday, an Anniversary or Just Cuz!

This evening wouldn't be complete without dessert now would it? However, we didn't order any, yet the staff refused to let us go, without something sweet!!! (Like we needed MORE food) =)

TheBetterHalf & I can both highly recommend the splurge, This sure bets an MRE!

Thanks Celebrity Cruise Lines.. It's always a pleasure!!!!

We can't wait for our next Cruise!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Question Layla! What's inside an MRE?

 Today, After I posted a picture of my Army Lunch, I received lots of questions
about:  Meals Ready to Eat  (MRE's)  

Question:   What is inside an MRE?

Today, my choice was Beef Brisket, There are several choices from Chicken & Dumplins to Pasta!   MRE MENU:   I've seen soldiers almost come to blows over MRE's...  Especially the ones with M&M's in them!!!  (My Favorite)
I like to start off with the Appetizer ..
Cheese & Crackers..  My favorite is PeanutButter & Crackers, I was not that lucky today...  2 Crackers:   180 Calories
Cheese Spread: 180 Calories
Also included in todays MRE:
Biscuit:  250 Calories ~  Cookie with Chocolate Discs 280 Calories & 2 Tootsie Rolls
     The Biscuit was not half bad....    I passed on the cookie & I saved the Tootsie Rolls for a snack for later when I needed a treat!
  This is your accessory pack:   Moist Towelette, Butter Buds, IceTea, Salt & Chick-lets!

  As I said:  Today's meal was Beef Brisket with BBQ Sauce!
Calories:  210 + 25 if you add the BBQ Sauce..

It also included a "Meal Heater"
I will admit it does not look like much,  Yet, it was scrumcious, Especially after I heated it up!

Another Question was:  "Is it as good as Airline Food"  ~   I guess that would depend on the airline, huh?

You can turn your nose up if you like, I will tell you, When you are hungry it's Good FOOD!   Bon Appetit & HOOAH!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Are you a Non-Rev~er?

Are you tired of trying to find a friend at another airline just to say:

        "Hey, Can you look up flight loads for me?".



      This is one of my all time favorite web-sights, when I'm trying Non-Rev for fun or as a Commuter...  Here you can check up to 130 airlines.   Not only do I love that this web-sight will give you guidance  to help determine if there is a shot of getting on a specific flight,  I have found that it actually helps me in finding an alternate route & Airlines I was not even aware flew to the destination I was trying to get to or I might not have considered..   Trust me when I say, There are more than 17 ways to get to Barcelona!!!!

     If you actually use your flight bennies, You can't live without this web-sight!!    Not only can it help you navigate flights, it also has goodies for Hotels, Rental Cars & ZedFare Info.

      And, Right now, It's on sale for 19.99 for a yearly membership & If you use my Coupon Code of "UpUp" you get 1.50 off!!  

What are you waiting for?   I can't even begin to tell you of all the goodies this web-sight has!..  Go Take a Look...
Try the One Day free trial... Test em out!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Plane Tea?

Yesterday during our beverage service: Mr.14A asks for a "Plain Tea". . . . Easy Enough. . .NOT!

  I pour Mr.14A his tea, Place the napkin down, set his tea down & Mr14A gives me this look, like I'm an Alien..   


HE DEMANDS: ~~  Now here is where I started to giggle:  What does Plain Tea mean to you?

I brought him the milk, I let him pour, because I'm guessing at this point I will either put in way to much or not enough & I will get that LOOK again~!

I just want to use my blog today as a public announcement:   Flight Attendants are not given a mental telepathy class, we do not, nor have we ever been able to read your minds....

When ordering your beverage of choice on the aircraft, Speak Up,,, Let us know what you want..
We'll be glad to get it for you!!  

 I say this on behalf of all Flight Attendants, We do NOT know how you like your Tea, Coffee, BloodyMary, Coke with lime, OrangeJuice with club...Etc..Ect.. 

After, Mr14A hands me back the milk ...snarling..
he Barks:    "SUGAR????"

Sure thing:  Mr14A ~  I brought him ONE Sugar!

**So, from now on, to me PLANE TEA is Plain Tea with Milk & Sugar, Thank You Mr14A for the Comic Relief maybe you have just started a new trend!**

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