Friday, July 2, 2010

Plane Tea?

Yesterday during our beverage service: Mr.14A asks for a "Plain Tea". . . . Easy Enough. . .NOT!

  I pour Mr.14A his tea, Place the napkin down, set his tea down & Mr14A gives me this look, like I'm an Alien..   


HE DEMANDS: ~~  Now here is where I started to giggle:  What does Plain Tea mean to you?

I brought him the milk, I let him pour, because I'm guessing at this point I will either put in way to much or not enough & I will get that LOOK again~!

I just want to use my blog today as a public announcement:   Flight Attendants are not given a mental telepathy class, we do not, nor have we ever been able to read your minds....

When ordering your beverage of choice on the aircraft, Speak Up,,, Let us know what you want..
We'll be glad to get it for you!!  

 I say this on behalf of all Flight Attendants, We do NOT know how you like your Tea, Coffee, BloodyMary, Coke with lime, OrangeJuice with club...Etc..Ect.. 

After, Mr14A hands me back the milk ...snarling..
he Barks:    "SUGAR????"

Sure thing:  Mr14A ~  I brought him ONE Sugar!

**So, from now on, to me PLANE TEA is Plain Tea with Milk & Sugar, Thank You Mr14A for the Comic Relief maybe you have just started a new trend!**


USMCWIFE said...

lol Mr. 14A must have been from Philadelphia..whenever you ask for a regular tea or coffee in a diner in Philadelphia you get cream and sugar..considering I am from Philadelphia and missed this memo until I actually was a waitress (and a really bad one) for about a minute, me like you...thinking regular meant..well plain..hahahaha...
I think you all have a hard job, all those people already cranky over so many things you have no control over....I never take my flight attendent for granted..I know that if sh** goes south they are going to be the ones I will be looking too to save my life...

Flygirl said...

Hahahaha. Too funny. So true though...sometimes I really just want to tell people "Sorry but I left my psychic powers in my other uniform". We are trained to be many things, people, but a mind reader ain't one of them!

SkyWaitress said...

Ah yes, on top of being able to save lives we are expected to be telepathic. What incredible creatures people must think flight attendants are.

Oussama said...

So, no mind reading classes..
You must be extra good to your passengers to actually let them pour the milk. Next time give him/her the creamer and sugar and let them deal with it. There is a limit to passengers' rights.

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