Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Question Layla! What's inside an MRE?

 Today, After I posted a picture of my Army Lunch, I received lots of questions
about:  Meals Ready to Eat  (MRE's)  

Question:   What is inside an MRE?

Today, my choice was Beef Brisket, There are several choices from Chicken & Dumplins to Pasta!   MRE MENU:   I've seen soldiers almost come to blows over MRE's...  Especially the ones with M&M's in them!!!  (My Favorite)
I like to start off with the Appetizer ..
Cheese & Crackers..  My favorite is PeanutButter & Crackers, I was not that lucky today...  2 Crackers:   180 Calories
Cheese Spread: 180 Calories
Also included in todays MRE:
Biscuit:  250 Calories ~  Cookie with Chocolate Discs 280 Calories & 2 Tootsie Rolls
     The Biscuit was not half bad....    I passed on the cookie & I saved the Tootsie Rolls for a snack for later when I needed a treat!
  This is your accessory pack:   Moist Towelette, Butter Buds, IceTea, Salt & Chick-lets!

  As I said:  Today's meal was Beef Brisket with BBQ Sauce!
Calories:  210 + 25 if you add the BBQ Sauce..

It also included a "Meal Heater"
I will admit it does not look like much,  Yet, it was scrumcious, Especially after I heated it up!

Another Question was:  "Is it as good as Airline Food"  ~   I guess that would depend on the airline, huh?

You can turn your nose up if you like, I will tell you, When you are hungry it's Good FOOD!   Bon Appetit & HOOAH!


John in MRY said...

I used to love when my dad brought MREs home from the field. Then when I was in ROTC and had to live off them during a 4-day FTX I realized how awful they are.

Still, I suppose they're better than many alternatives....

UpUpnAAway said...

Thanks for the Comment, John..

My son still loves when I bring him home an MRE...

I watched today, during lunch ... It looked like a High Stake Poker game,,, "I'll trade you my Cappuccino drink mix for your Lemon Pound Cake",,

It was a Hoot!

I think MRE's have improved alot since when I came in, In 1986...

Charlie said...

Looks like the menu has come a long way. MMM pound cake! I remember when they first started putting those in MRE's.

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