Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We will stop here now, for WORDS!

Greetings from Buda~Pest...

This is a fantastic city....
Beauty & History everywhere..

Yesterday we did our 1st official tour... We enjoy taking English speaking tours, while in other countries, It always provides a sense of humor. I am by no means making fun of the Tour Guides skill or use of the English language mind you, It's much better than my Hungarian, I just find it somewhat entertaining...

Today was no different, Every time we stopped Andrea our Tour Guide would say
"We will stop here now for words"
This phrase now will become part of our vocabulary, Just like when we were in Germany & the TourGuide apologized to us for the:


Or just like in Buenos Aires everything was:


Andrea knew her history & we enjoyed her tour very much:
It especially tickled us when Andrea would state:

"In every War.. Hungary has always picked the wrong side"

I found the History of the Kings of Hungary very interesting. . Saint Stephen 975 to 1038 was the 1st King of Hungary is pictured above....

Isn't the Better Half Cute!

That is all for now, ....

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Sorry, I Understand...... Really??

Do you over use the words:

I'm Sorry?

I Understand?

Well, STOP IT!

How many times have you called a Customer Service Department, Human Resource Department, Medical Office, Etc... Only to hear the Words:
"I'm sorry, I totally Understand"...

Do you really? Understand?, Are you really Sorry? More than likely the answer to this is "NO"..

I called my Base Planner, to request 2 days to be relocated to another part of the month. One of the best parts about being a Flight Attendant is the flexibility we have in our jobs ~ Well, not for the month of August! When I explained, that my husband would be arriving on his R&R from Afghanistan & that by moving those two days, I could arrive at the same time, instead of 4 days later, ... She replied:
"Oh, I'm so sorry, I understand"

Really, You do? Your husband is also in Afghanistan, I say to her....

My time off is what it is, I'm not happy about it, but i'll get through this, She has a job to do & I am just Venting!~

I'm just honestly asking, Can we just use I'm sorry & I understand when we really mean it?

I've heard: "I'm sorry, can you fasten your seatbelt?"
Why would we say, I'm sorry in that sentence? You'll be sorrier if you don't fasten your seat belt if we have turbulence.

At DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport) the other day, A passenger walks up to the gate, trying to ask a Flight Attendant a question...(our uniforms all look the same) The Flight Attendant without hesitation holds her hand up & says,
"I'm Sorry, I'm only a Flight Attendant I can't help you"
Whaaaa? ...that is totally unacceptable to me, I'm NOT Sorry I'm a Flight Attendant, I'm proud to be a Flight Attendant... The passenger only wanted to know if there was a Starbucks near!!!! Most Flight Attendants could of easily answered that question. 99.9% of the time, We as Flight Attendants can't answer passengers questions, but don't apologize for being a Flight Attendant!

I heard a lady at the grocery store the other day say: "Oh, I'm sorry, I only have a twenty?".. BE THANKFUL you have a twenty...

A child dies, and her friend says, "Oh, I understand what you are going through"... If you have not had a child die, You can't possibly understand what this grieving parent is going through. You can say "IT SUCKS", You could just sit there & hold their hand... But for the love of God, Stop saying you are Sorry & You Understand!

If you finished reading this, I'd like to Thank You for letting me VENT!!!

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