Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Confession of a Flight Attendant

Don't get overly excited, this is more of a frustration than a confession... Let me explain!

As a Flight Attendant I'm trained for various events from how to: Evacuate an aircraft in less than 90 seconds.. (A great job you saw just a few weeks ago on US Air Flight 1549)
I've been trained to put out a fire, Use an AED (Defibrillator), CPR, pour coffee @ 35,000 feet even with turbulence ...

My Airline thought I was smart enough to do all of this....
So where do I find my frustration? When I get to the Layover Hotel...and the hotel
Alarm Clock...!!!! YES, I said Alarm Clock...
In the various hotels we stay @ the alarm clocks range from Mickey Mouse easy to you need to have a PHD from VMI to program it!
Hotels try, they do try to have the newest gadgetry alarm clocks. Some have pictures on them, some you can plug-in your IPod, Some hotels even toss in a CD to play soothing sounds to help you fall asleep.. Yet every layover you have to question: Is the time right? Will the power go off? Is the time on PM, Is the alarm on AM... Is it set 5 minutes early from the last person that was in your room or right on the nose. Trust me, I was in the lobby one time 30 minutes early, come to find out the clock in the room was set 15 minutes ahead... and I'm always in the lobby 15 minutes early...
USE your Cell Phone: Most Flight Attendants use their cell phone as an alarm clock, sure that is doable .. UNTIL you are sound asleep all snuggled up in New York, when a friend calls you from
Portland, Oregon & you get that apologetic voice on the other side saying "Oh did I wake you up?" It's okay I have to get up in 3 hours...
Get a wake up call: Do you like to play craps? That is always a gamble.
Knock on wood, I've never missed the crew van because I woke up late..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

What's the best way to spend Valentine's Day? With your honey of course....OR

An amazing trip?, Dinner & a Movie?, Hot Tub & Candles, A wedding, like is going on right now in our hotel !

We decided to run down the road a couple of hours, to the mountians of North Carolina, we decided we'd like to see some snow..Only way we are going to see snow is.. If we actually drive to it!!

We headed to Trader Joes to pick up a few goodies for our hotel room picnic,,,, we picked up a wine we've never tried before it's called Valdiguie (Val-de-gay) The best thing about "Two Buck Chuck" wine is, If you don't like it you are not out that much, WE DID LIKE IT, so on the way home we'll pick up some more.... What else goes with wine,,,Three Layer hummus, Goat cheese with herbs, crackers & for dessert Dark chocolate bing cherries!>!>!>!

I hope you are enjoying your Valentines Day...
Whatever it is you decided to do to,
I say we celebrate everyday,,,,life is short!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"It ain't going to do any good on the floor"

"It ain't going to do any good on the floor"

Those were the words uttered by a recent US Army soldier who crossed my path on his way to being reactivated from the IRR* back on to Active Duty, Most soldiers return to Active Duty with long hair (Long hair for the Military)... But this SGT took the cake.. He was actually growing his hair to donate to Locks of Love when he was called up:

Locks of Love (Story Attached)

I applaud SGT Jason Hallisey for his dedication to his country & his donation to Locks of Love...

*IRR: (IWP) Individual Ready Reserve: Soldiers with a remaining Mandatory Service Obligation (MSO) to solicit their voluntary transfer from the IRR to Army Reserve Troop Program Units (TPU). In conjunction with a screening of the IRR population by HRC-St. Louis, this effort was intended to match the skills of IRR Soldiers with units in their local areas, thereby enhancing the readiness of the Army Reserve

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