Thursday, February 5, 2009

"It ain't going to do any good on the floor"

"It ain't going to do any good on the floor"

Those were the words uttered by a recent US Army soldier who crossed my path on his way to being reactivated from the IRR* back on to Active Duty, Most soldiers return to Active Duty with long hair (Long hair for the Military)... But this SGT took the cake.. He was actually growing his hair to donate to Locks of Love when he was called up:

Locks of Love (Story Attached)

I applaud SGT Jason Hallisey for his dedication to his country & his donation to Locks of Love...

*IRR: (IWP) Individual Ready Reserve: Soldiers with a remaining Mandatory Service Obligation (MSO) to solicit their voluntary transfer from the IRR to Army Reserve Troop Program Units (TPU). In conjunction with a screening of the IRR population by HRC-St. Louis, this effort was intended to match the skills of IRR Soldiers with units in their local areas, thereby enhancing the readiness of the Army Reserve

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