Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Okay, Now for the Real Granville Island

I admit the last Blog: Things that make you go, Huh! all took place at Granville Island, Now I would like to share with you, some of our highlights of our day: Granville Island
Is an absolute must while visiting Vancouver, Canada.

There is something for everyone here.
We decided to start at the Public Market
You can easily compare this to Pikes Market in Seattle
However, Granville blows it away. .
Looks like any Market as you step inside

Checking out all of the wonderful Flowers, Fruits, Veggies & Baked Goodies can work up a bit of a hunger,,,, Snack Time.
We found the perfect little Coffee Shop just at the end of the public market:
We grabbed our Coffee, TheBetterHalf's Chocolate Chip Cookie & My Chocolate Coconut Macaroon stepped outside to enjoy the glorious view of the Harbour: There were
hundreds upon hundreds of folks milling about, with no doubt delights that would be prepared for an evening snack. Dogs had brought their owners out for a great day in the sun.

One of our Favorite shops in the market was called:
The Stock Market
They had everything you could possibly think of to get you started on a great meal or dessert!

My favorite part of the day, was getting side tracked & a bit turned around (aka: lost) We ended up back at the water & found these adorable house boats,,,,
Can you say Adorable!!!

Even the Cement Trucks in Granville Island are pretty!
They have a Cute lil water park as well,,,
I just had to snap this photo!! =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things that make you go: HUH????

While strolling through Granville Island Market
today TheBetterHalf & I ran across a few
interesting things, I thought I should share
a few of them with you all...

Wait till you see the last pic!!

I can honestly say, I've never eaten anything called a FIDDLEHEAD!

I like Asparagus, I might try this one.

Ummmm,  NO!

Now, I always threw this part away!!

I have NO Idea,, Nor did they, It didn't have a sign,,, ANYONE?

Gooseberries,   I think NOT!

Dragon & Fruit:   Hmmmmmmmm

  I Saved the Best for Last:   

Self Explanatory:   It's a Banana Keeper!!!!

(What were you thinking?)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vancouver is Great, But we like Richmond, Canada!

For the 1st couple of days TheBetterHalf & I spent our time in Vancouver, Then we moved to a rather quaint (Cheaper) location in Canada called Richmond, This area turned out to be a nice surprise...
It's on the River, & TBH loves it.

We asked where to go for lunch, Selema at the hotel said we HAD to go to Blue Canoe..

This is the "Blue Canoe" Location was on the Pier, Scenery was Fantastic, Service was great, Their Hamburger could use a little work!!

We parked here for just a little while, It's right across the water from Vancouver (YVR) Airport!!!
************** The Following are just signs that
made me giggle**************
Mix??? Mixed What??

Nudist Colony???

Buck & EAR???

And, Who would not appreciate a sign actually telling the dogs to Have FUN!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now We know the Answer to this Age Old Question!

So the Better Half & I are taking a Mini-Break in Vancouver, Canada (B.C.), BetterHalf tells me he'd like to take a day trip to Whistler....
Awesome I think to myself ,,,
A roadtrip within a roadtrip,,,

As we arrive into Whistler, We see the sign for the
"Olympic Village"...
I so wanna see that, So we hang a left & off to the Village we go!

We get to the Village to see a
Disappointed... We head back to Whistler... When we spot the
On the side of the road: I scream to the BetterHalf:

A Momma Bear & Her 2 Babies,,,,, How Precious. .
Okay, the SideTrip was so worth it!!!

So now, Here is the reason for the Blog:
"Does a Bear, Poop in the Woods?"
We've Busted the Myth:
I'm applying for MythBusters....

Ahhh,,,, "NO"
Actually, They Poo on the Road,,,
This is what I do as a Blogger, I go to great lengths for my readers,,, HA HA HA HA!!
(I hope you see the humor in this, As I did)

Just so you know, You can now fly into Whistler:
Yes!! They have their very own Airline!!

The BetterHalf was dying to jump into this
aircraft & take off....

*** If you're on a road trip in the near future, make sure you stop at Shannon Falls, You'll see it right before you enter the city of Squamish, It's worth the stop!! ***

Thanks for looking.... Laters**

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