Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things that make you go: HUH????

While strolling through Granville Island Market
today TheBetterHalf & I ran across a few
interesting things, I thought I should share
a few of them with you all...

Wait till you see the last pic!!

I can honestly say, I've never eaten anything called a FIDDLEHEAD!

I like Asparagus, I might try this one.

Ummmm,  NO!

Now, I always threw this part away!!

I have NO Idea,, Nor did they, It didn't have a sign,,, ANYONE?

Gooseberries,   I think NOT!

Dragon & Fruit:   Hmmmmmmmm

  I Saved the Best for Last:   

Self Explanatory:   It's a Banana Keeper!!!!

(What were you thinking?)


Brit said...

Morel mushrooms are my favorite! We go hunting for them in the woods. YUMMM!

Jet Set Betty said...

Banana Keeper? Self explainatory for who? *wink* The dragon fruit looks interesting.

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