Saturday, August 23, 2008

How long can you hold your breath???????

HOW Long can you hold your breath??? ME? NOT VERY LONG...I found out last weekend, when I was strapped to a kayak!!! The instructor asks, "Who wants to learn to ROLL first?" Whaaaaaaaaaa???????? ROLL?? I don't remember seeing anything about being flipped over, while strapped to a little plastic the brochure....

We reached over and pushed my son Tucker's kayak towards the instructor..."You go 1st Show us how it is done",,, Good thing, he learned to roll, Cuz, spent a good portion of his time in the inverted position... His 1st roll, he pops up coughing up 1/2 the lake,,,

OH Great, I think, there is NO freakin way I'm going to be able to do this,,,
Tucker, did great!!, His Mom, not so much,,, I did ROLL, I did cuss, I mean Cough!!
Then the instructor says "Okay, now I am going to roll you over, I want you to spend some time under the water to get your bearings, when you are ready to come back up, tap the side of the boat & I'll roll you back up",,,,,
Whaaaaaaaaaaa, You want me to what???? Bearing.. Smearings,,, That's okay,I'm good in the upright position...!

The US National Whitewater Center is a fantastic place to spend the day,,, Or the weekend.. It is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.
I'll need to go back for a few more classes ... needless to say!

Once you get good, they actually let you out of the kiddie pool ,, where you get to play in the White Water... & ride up on the conveyor belt & do to it all over again... I never got out of the kiddie pool. We had a terrific time, and I actually didn't embarrass myself to much, I really can't wait to go back!
If Kayaking is not your thing, You can Whitewater Raft or Rock Climb, Bike, Hike or just relax and watch the other folks Rooooooooooolllllll

The next day was Carowinds!!
Nothing to top your day, like the NIGHTHAWK Roller coaster...Okay, Picture this you're laying down, going backwards & you're flipped upside down...
Can you say Chiropractor...?
My son and I are usually in different states, he lives in Colorado Springs, today was a fun day to be in different states with him, while he was in North Carolina, I was in the South....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend Warrior my A** !!!!!!!!

I've been on Active Duty now for the past 2 years.... It was supposed to be a 12 month mobilization, When I got my orders ,, it said 545 days... Today, I am officially at my 2 year point & I still have 6 more months to go. . . .

I am what is called a "Weekend Warrior".. That means I serve in the United States Army Reserve.... Reservist work one weekend a month, (That is just a commercial, I work way more than that!!) I am not sure where this term originated from .. I believe it came from the Active Duty side of the house and the term is usually not spoken with the best of intentions.

I love weekend warriors my Daddy is a Weekend Warrior!

I started a new job a few weeks ago when my old job was replaced by a civilian.. I now work in a new office, with new soldiers who are way younger me, I out rank them by a few rockers !!! I was listening (okay eavesdropping) to my new soldiers the other day,,,, as I heard them "Weekend Warrior Bashing",,, I thought it was cute, You know you can gather a lot of information if you just keep your mouth shut, for those of you know me, know this is almost impossible for me to do. I let them go on for awhile so they could dig themselves in a little bit deeper before I decided to inform them their new NCOIC (Noncommissioned Officer In Charge) was indeed a Weekend Warrior............ wished I would of had a camera .. I added a picture that was sort of close to what I saw in their faces!!!!

I have nothing against Active Duty soldiers, I married one, I give Active Duty soldiers all the Kudo's in the world they DESERVE IT!!!!

(Insert National Anthem here)

I too was once an Active Duty Soldier, In my 16 years of military service, 7 of those years have been on Active Duty. Most Active Duty soldiers seem to feel that Weekend Warriors don't pull their fair share ....! I find this can be true with anyone in any field... not just Weekend Warriors!

I schooched my chair into the middle of the room, where I could have a full view of all my brand new baby soldiers... ( I say this because they are younger than my son) When I decided to give them a few facts about their new BOSS, I started off with, Guess what, Ya'll, I'm a Weekend Warrior.... and I am pretty darn proud of it,, The way I see it is,, I have two jobs to fulfill ... One as a Soldier in this fine Army & the other as a Flight Attendant which I adore, I wear 2 uniforms & I wear them both proudly... As a weekend warrior I have to be prepared at any given time to drop what I am doing & go serve our country!! All active duty soldierS have to do is one job, I mean how hard can ONE job be? (Just Kidding)

Being in the Army is not easy, No matter if you are Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard, it is actually hard work...To me being a weekend warrior is even harder, you have to be disciplined all while wearing two hats!
I salute all that wear a uniform & I thank you for all you do!

Love, Your Weekend Warrior

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