Monday, June 29, 2009


There have been 3 times in my entire life, I've been speechless
  • The day my Husband asked me to Marry him
  • The day my Son was placed in my arms, the day he was born
  • My US Air flight I had today

What do you say, When the passenger sitting next to you, leans over whispers in your ear "I'm a passenger from the US Air "Miracle" flight 1549?

As I was boarding my flight today for New York, The US Air Flight Attendant asked me, "Are you the last one?"... I was.. being a Stand-By passenger we are usually last, that's okay...When trying to get to work, you'll take any seat...

The Flight Attendant leaned in & asked me, "Could you please sit here.." pointing to a First Class seat, I think "SCORE"... Oh no... She had a something up her sleeve...So I traded my row 15 to sit in First Class ......
What would you say to someone who just whispered that in your ear? A million things ran thru my mind & all that came out of my mouth was " I have no idea what to say to you"...Her next words were "Will you hold my hand on Take Off?"... Again, what do you say NO?

As, I held her hand, I thought to myself...Just how would I act, if I had been thru what she had been thru, .. I asked her "Where were you sitting?", She says "In the back" The hairs on the back of my neck were now standing at attention. Our flight was one hour and 20 minutes long & She spoke One hour and 19 minutes of them... She had my undivided attention.

99% of the time while commuting, I read a book or watch the movie and try my best to avoid conversations with passengers, Oh no, not her.. She wanted to talk & I was pretty interested in what she had to say, Think about it, How often do we get to speak to someone who has been in a"Crash" ...."Water Landing?"...

I am going to keep alot of what she told me private, to respect her and what she has been thru... Beside "The Book" is due out in November 2009. The one thing she said that I will share with you that I find very enlightening was: She informed me she went to the NTSB briefings... she was impressed that alot of the NTSB board reps came up and hugged them, I asked "Why did they do that" She said she asked them the same question, their response was: "They always are having to meet and speak with the Family Members of crash victims, It was rare they actually got to MEET with the passengers themselves. WOW, did that hit me right between the eyes...

If I don't remember anything else about US Air flight 1549, I will remember this special lady and her thoughts about being a survivor!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome Back......You're furloughed....

Most of you know I've been away from flying for the past 3 years, Due to being mobilized for the U.S. Army....

1st flight back...A Turn, 0500 sign in, Compounded by the fact I arrived at my crashpad at 0220, 13 hours to get from CLT (Charlotte, NC) to LaGuardia (New York City) I pretty much think, I could of driven it that time, This was a True Welcome Back!!

This is also the day I received my "Furlough Notice", Nothing new to me, This will make my 3rd furlough with my company... Nothing like Welcome Back...You're furloughed! Wonder how long this one will last?

When I was hired I promised the company, "I'll cut my hair & I'll move anywhere" ...Not, "Cut my salary & Stand in the unemployment line" while flying over the past 5 days, I'd like to say I put the "Furlough" thoughts on back burner, This wasn't easy as every Flight Attendant I flew with was losing their job as well! Needless to say, We laughed, giggled & talked about our future plans, while we're grounded.. (Are you Hiring?)

Day 1, I swear my bags were light, by the 4th day they were heavier...What happens??? 50 Pounds, My bags need to go on a diet!

I had a great 4 days of flying.. On the 5th day, I actually felt like I had been hit by a Mack Truck You'd think the transformation from Soldier to Flight Attendant would be a breeze, I forget just how much twisting & turning & lifting & weird hours & walking & pulling & tugging there was.

My 5th day slapped me back into reality, No Pity Party for me!...No No.. I was now flying with 2 of the coolest TWA Flight Attendants, a 70 year old & a 62 year old who put me to shame with their "Perkyness" ...

I Promise I will enjoy my last days of flying, Even with a Smile on my face, just understand some days that smile my actually be fake!

My 1st day "Laviators" Welcome Back picture... Glading's Laviators...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Curaçao......What State is that in?????

Kon ta Bai?

In a recent call to MrBudgetRentACar, I inquired about a price for a car for our Mini-Holiday in Curaçao... His reply "Curaçao? What state is that in?"..

Okay, No Problem ... Alot of folks don't know where Curaçao is.. I didn't either...So, I can understand his frustration. In 1991 as a Travel Agent Trainee I had to do my final report on the Island of Curaçao, A short 18 years later The Better Half and I arrived!!

Facts: Curaçao is 44 miles off the coast of Venezuela, 2.5 hours by flight from Miami. It is one of the five islands of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean & is perfectly situated just outside of the hurricane belt! You can find all these facts online > My Favorite source is:

Curaçao not what I expected, I expected Lush & Tropical, What we got was Arid & Desert like!
We rented the car so we could see the Island, We are not ones to just Veg on the beach....Although we did to a bit of that as well!, I mean, When in Curacao...

Knowing we only had 4 days in Curaçao, We wanted to see as much as we could, I mean the island is only 171 total square miles, How long could it actually take? We didn't get to see it all!! One is because there are very few paved roads & Two because we found so many interesting places to stop & look at. Our favorite was the National Park Shete Boka. SEE Here: If you click on the Album, It will enlarge it!

We also fell in love with all of the Old Military Forts they had built, Hundreds of years ago, We stayed near one of them at the Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, At Rif Fort!

We dined in another at Fort Nassau! What splendid history!


Last but not least, Food:


We can't wait to return to Curacao, Our next trip will be entirely for Diving!

-Bon Bini

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What are you looking at???

My Better Half says to me "People are staring at you",
I'm like...."AND?",,,

We are going thru security in the Charlotte International Airport...
I slip on my footies & march myself thru.....

Okay, I may not make the Ten Best Dressed list, That's not what
I'm going for here... I'm trying to keep Cooties off of the bottom
of my feet.. Ask yourself this question: Have you ever seen
anyone mop those floors or vacuum those carpets??

I'm just sayin...

You all look & point if you need to, I'm going to keep wearing my footies!

We make it to the hotel in Miami, We check in, We've been Upgraded..
(Thank You, Crowne Plaza)...
We are Upgraded to the Quiet Zone, Huh... ??
Okay, I'm all for being quiet in a Hotel...
Not a good picture, I will share with you the highlights of this sign...
  • No Marching Bands
  • No Circus Animals
  • No Children (My Favorite)
  • Ensure doors do not Slam
  • No Loud Signing in the Shower
  • Keep TV's & Radios turned down low
  • Housekeeping doesn't even appear till 10AM

Tell me, You don't love this place!!??!!

They forgot to add to this sign for the Planes to keep it to a dull roar, being that we are in the direct flight line for Miami International Airport.

Time to eat, No room service for us.... We ran across the street to the Latin Cafe... for a"Cuban Sandwich",,, Deeeeelish...Time for dream land.... We have a flight to Curacao tomorrow...

To be continued......

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