Monday, June 15, 2009

Curaçao......What State is that in?????

Kon ta Bai?

In a recent call to MrBudgetRentACar, I inquired about a price for a car for our Mini-Holiday in Curaçao... His reply "Curaçao? What state is that in?"..

Okay, No Problem ... Alot of folks don't know where Curaçao is.. I didn't either...So, I can understand his frustration. In 1991 as a Travel Agent Trainee I had to do my final report on the Island of Curaçao, A short 18 years later The Better Half and I arrived!!

Facts: Curaçao is 44 miles off the coast of Venezuela, 2.5 hours by flight from Miami. It is one of the five islands of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean & is perfectly situated just outside of the hurricane belt! You can find all these facts online > My Favorite source is:

Curaçao not what I expected, I expected Lush & Tropical, What we got was Arid & Desert like!
We rented the car so we could see the Island, We are not ones to just Veg on the beach....Although we did to a bit of that as well!, I mean, When in Curacao...

Knowing we only had 4 days in Curaçao, We wanted to see as much as we could, I mean the island is only 171 total square miles, How long could it actually take? We didn't get to see it all!! One is because there are very few paved roads & Two because we found so many interesting places to stop & look at. Our favorite was the National Park Shete Boka. SEE Here: If you click on the Album, It will enlarge it!

We also fell in love with all of the Old Military Forts they had built, Hundreds of years ago, We stayed near one of them at the Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, At Rif Fort!

We dined in another at Fort Nassau! What splendid history!


Last but not least, Food:


We can't wait to return to Curacao, Our next trip will be entirely for Diving!

-Bon Bini

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The Flying Pinto said...

Thanks for sharing great info!! What beautiful pictures...makes me want to go on a trip with just me and the honey!! I almost forget what that's like: )

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