Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What are you looking at???

My Better Half says to me "People are staring at you",
I'm like...."AND?",,,

We are going thru security in the Charlotte International Airport...
I slip on my footies & march myself thru.....

Okay, I may not make the Ten Best Dressed list, That's not what
I'm going for here... I'm trying to keep Cooties off of the bottom
of my feet.. Ask yourself this question: Have you ever seen
anyone mop those floors or vacuum those carpets??

I'm just sayin...

You all look & point if you need to, I'm going to keep wearing my footies!

We make it to the hotel in Miami, We check in, We've been Upgraded..
(Thank You, Crowne Plaza)...
We are Upgraded to the Quiet Zone, Huh... ??
Okay, I'm all for being quiet in a Hotel...
Not a good picture, I will share with you the highlights of this sign...
  • No Marching Bands
  • No Circus Animals
  • No Children (My Favorite)
  • Ensure doors do not Slam
  • No Loud Signing in the Shower
  • Keep TV's & Radios turned down low
  • Housekeeping doesn't even appear till 10AM

Tell me, You don't love this place!!??!!

They forgot to add to this sign for the Planes to keep it to a dull roar, being that we are in the direct flight line for Miami International Airport.

Time to eat, No room service for us.... We ran across the street to the Latin Cafe... for a"Cuban Sandwich",,, Deeeeelish...Time for dream land.... We have a flight to Curacao tomorrow...

To be continued......

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The Flying Pinto said...

Love the footies, and the quiet zone!Smart to not get room service! I am amazed at how expensive it is and it's not good usually!

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