Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome Back......You're furloughed....

Most of you know I've been away from flying for the past 3 years, Due to being mobilized for the U.S. Army....

1st flight back...A Turn, 0500 sign in, Compounded by the fact I arrived at my crashpad at 0220, 13 hours to get from CLT (Charlotte, NC) to LaGuardia (New York City) I pretty much think, I could of driven it that time, This was a True Welcome Back!!

This is also the day I received my "Furlough Notice", Nothing new to me, This will make my 3rd furlough with my company... Nothing like Welcome Back...You're furloughed! Wonder how long this one will last?

When I was hired I promised the company, "I'll cut my hair & I'll move anywhere" ...Not, "Cut my salary & Stand in the unemployment line" while flying over the past 5 days, I'd like to say I put the "Furlough" thoughts on back burner, This wasn't easy as every Flight Attendant I flew with was losing their job as well! Needless to say, We laughed, giggled & talked about our future plans, while we're grounded.. (Are you Hiring?)

Day 1, I swear my bags were light, by the 4th day they were heavier...What happens??? 50 Pounds, My bags need to go on a diet!

I had a great 4 days of flying.. On the 5th day, I actually felt like I had been hit by a Mack Truck You'd think the transformation from Soldier to Flight Attendant would be a breeze, I forget just how much twisting & turning & lifting & weird hours & walking & pulling & tugging there was.

My 5th day slapped me back into reality, No Pity Party for me!...No No.. I was now flying with 2 of the coolest TWA Flight Attendants, a 70 year old & a 62 year old who put me to shame with their "Perkyness" ...

I Promise I will enjoy my last days of flying, Even with a Smile on my face, just understand some days that smile my actually be fake!

My 1st day "Laviators" Welcome Back picture... Glading's Laviators...


The Flying Pinto said...

Keep your chin up!!Ughhhh...sorry, that's what you came back to!!

Great "laviator" pic:) Love the pink camera!You look Fabulous: )

LOL: How do our bags weigh more by the end of the trip? Could it be all those trashy magazines we collect/find along the way?

Anonymous said...

A lot of my friends just got a furlough notice at US Airways. Its so sad. How long have your previous ones lasted?

My bag always weights more too!

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