Sunday, September 21, 2008

I want to be a part of it,,,,


What is the quickest way from Columbia, SC to New York City?
Plan A: Drive to Columbia airport, (CAE) No No,,, My airport is closed due to a Lear Jet Crash
Plan B: Drive to Charlotte (CLT) jump on American Eagle & Buzz up there.. No No
Plan C: In CLT, Jump on the US Air flight with the other 21 NonRev's and 16 seats avail.No NoPlan D: Greensboro/Spartenburg (GSO) has flights,,, but if you don't get out you are stuck,,,You are pretty much stuck in GSO..

Plan E: Drive 4 hours to Atlanta (ATL) and fly AA to LGA flight is WIDE OPEN... Rightttt
the flight WAS wide open till the 9:40 flight was cancelled. Okay, Plan E it is,
We hop in the car & 4 hours later PRESTO we are in ATL, 1 hour and 42 minutes later we are in New York! Easy!!!!!

As a NonRev, you are nothing if not creative and flexible! & again, it never hurts to have your bud @ mission control giving you a play by play on were you are on the stand by list!!

This is just New York, wait till December, when are trying to get to Sydney, Australia
You will have to wait for that on a later Blog,,,,
I decided to be brave on this trip to New York and do something I have never done in the
2 years I have been based here.. Well, that and my better half was here to protect me!

Number 1: Ride Subway (That was a hoot) The subways in the UK, Paris or even Germany don't scare me but I've always had this fear of New York City,,,, Everyone, was so helpful & great tour guides,,, "Just take the "N" up two stops & you are there",,, Not one person, not two people, but about 4 times, people standing near could hear our conversation as they solicited advise on how to get to our destinations,,,, Thank Goodness, because as the train zipped past our stop I was a bit confused as to why it didn't stop,,,, "well it is express time, they only stop at every 5th stop, Hop off, Lincoln Plaza & go back to Toidy-doid (33rd)"... Whaaa????? No fear, there was a New Yorker near to help us out!! THANK YOU ,,,NEW YORKERS!!

Number 2: Find & Eat a Black & White Cookie, Which doesn't taste like a cookie at all, more like a soft muffin top, with Black & White Icing,,,, Yum Yum...

Number 3: Eat at the Carnegie Deli:
In the words of Rachael Ray "YUMM-O",,,
Okay, I have to go pack now, we must find our ship,,, More later...Ya'll!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

LiL Ms Diva

I've never met a dog that will pose .... So you can take her photo.... What a little cutie!


  • LIFESAVER - To remind you that's what you are

  • MOUNDS - To remind you of the mound of love & support you have from friends & family

  • GUM - To help your unit stick together

  • COTTON BALL - To help cushion the rough road

  • PIECE OF STRING - When you have come to the end of your rope

  • PAPERCLIP - To hold it all together

  • HUG - To let you know there is always someone on your side

  • KISS - So you will always remember we all love you

  • MINT - To remind you that you are worth a mint

  • CANDLE - Top light up the darkness

  • TOOTSIE ROLL - To help you roll with the punches

  • JOLLY RANCHER - To remind you to laugh

  • SHINY PENNY - To remind you we each shine in our own way

I had the pleasure this weekend to see off some of our Soldiers & Sailors that are being deployed, shake their hand & tell them Thank You, Doesn't seem like enough.. I always feel like I should do more... but what?? I wished the war was over, it isn't... so we drive on...

The Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc is a group that every 3 weeks, see off these Soldiers & Sailors with a small, thoughtful bag of goodies called the "Military Survival Kit". . How cute & thoughtful is this gesture.. I just had to blog it!!

Thank You ... Blue Star Mothers, for all you do, I know it means so much too so many folks!

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