Saturday, September 6, 2008


  • LIFESAVER - To remind you that's what you are

  • MOUNDS - To remind you of the mound of love & support you have from friends & family

  • GUM - To help your unit stick together

  • COTTON BALL - To help cushion the rough road

  • PIECE OF STRING - When you have come to the end of your rope

  • PAPERCLIP - To hold it all together

  • HUG - To let you know there is always someone on your side

  • KISS - So you will always remember we all love you

  • MINT - To remind you that you are worth a mint

  • CANDLE - Top light up the darkness

  • TOOTSIE ROLL - To help you roll with the punches

  • JOLLY RANCHER - To remind you to laugh

  • SHINY PENNY - To remind you we each shine in our own way

I had the pleasure this weekend to see off some of our Soldiers & Sailors that are being deployed, shake their hand & tell them Thank You, Doesn't seem like enough.. I always feel like I should do more... but what?? I wished the war was over, it isn't... so we drive on...

The Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc is a group that every 3 weeks, see off these Soldiers & Sailors with a small, thoughtful bag of goodies called the "Military Survival Kit". . How cute & thoughtful is this gesture.. I just had to blog it!!

Thank You ... Blue Star Mothers, for all you do, I know it means so much too so many folks!

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