Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where have you been all my Non Revving Life?

Are you a Non-Revver?

If so, You are going to love this! I don't know how I have lived my Non-Revving life without this Web-Sight It is called NonRev Check-In & if you hurry and join soon, you to can have this Web-Sight at your fingertips for all your NonRev travels needs... All for the low, low price of 27.49 you can get a Lifetime Membership to this service. But wait... If you call in the next 10 minutes..

Okay, I jumped into my Billy Mays moment...

UPDATE: Use this Coupon Code "UPUP" for $2.00 off your Lifetime Membership!

NonRev Check In . . .does so much more for you than just give you a Green Light, They will Email or Text you Alerts, & Alert you, when they check you in (On US Air)! Does your company do that? Mine Doesn't..

Some of the features I love:
  • Great Hotel & Rental Car Rates
  • ZED Fare Calculator
  • Phone Numbers for the 130 Airlines they monitor
  • I love the Route 66 Road Trip Link
  • So much more,,,,
So, What are you waiting on, Check it out for yourself... Don't want to spend the money yet, It's okay they have a One day free trail! If you are an Airline Employee, Active, Retired, You have to have this!

I was stuck in Barcelona last year, This web-sight would of saved my sanity!
I'm so glad I'm a member now!,, It's about time someone started looking out for us Airline Employees!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Passengers say the darnest things...

And, So do the Children!

I wished I had started writing down some of the cute & funny things passengers say...
Some are just down right precious, some are silly,,, but this last statement from my
1st time flyer Amiee, was just Too Adorable!

Mom, lets Amiee board first, while Mom is behind her informing me
"This is her first flight"... oh course I make a big TaaaaaDoooo about the event...
escorting Amiee to the flight deck.. Amiee was polite & used her manners, said
"Yes, Sir & No, Sir" "Yes, Ma'am, No, Ma'am" when spoken too..
Amiee was not very impressed with the Flight Deck . . . .
Amiee popped into my galley, "What's that?" She says... That is the Coffee Pot..
"What's that?" she says, This is my Oven I inform her,
Then she points to the First Class Lavitory Door, "Mom, What's that?",
Mom, tells her >>That's the Bathroom!!
Amiee looks at me & says,,, "Is that one just for the Girls?"!!

Of course I said "Yes, It's just for us girls"!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What makes a good Marriage?.....Seventy Five Cents

Today ,,, My Better Half & I celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary... We were married on the 4th of July,
I know I know today is the 18th of July,,  As a Flight Attendant & A Soldier, We don't always get to celebrate on "Our Date",,    We celebrate today:   We arrived in California last night to check out Napa Valley!!  On this date I did want to share with you,    What Makes a GOOD Marriage!

Okay, I honestly don't have a CLUE what makes a good marriage, Sorry folks, I can answer that!! But wait..Before you click off my Blog, I do have a story to share with you, That can help in ANY Relationship you're in!!

While I was based in Germany, My Better Half (BH) came to visit me on an R&R from Iraq, It was great!!! While preparing to leave, We hit the laundry mat, We had our dollars out, stood in line & got our quarters...I made sure we had enough quarters for the wash & we had 75 Cents left over for the dryers!, We had 3 loads of laundry, & to dry 3 loads was 25 cents a load.. Ergo ~ 75 Cents!

Well, While waiting for our clothes in the wash we ran across the street to the Post Exchange (PX) Walked the isles, flipped thru a few magazines & 30 minutes later, the BH informed me, He'd run across the street to check on our clothes,,
"Isn't he thoughtful", I say to myself, He returns a few minutes later & he says he put the clothes in the dryer!

Now, I know what you are thinking, Why is she blogging about this, She has a good husband, He does laundry, I bet her even takes out the trash, & He does!!

I'm a very picky person when it comes to laundry!, Lights, Darks, Jeans, Towels they all have their place, Don't act like you don't know what I'm talkin about!...

We returned to pull our Clean, Dry, clothes out of the dryers..NO? 
We returned to pull our Clean, Dry, clothes our of the D R Y E R!


He took all Three loads of clean clothes & put them all in ONE Dryer!

I shoot him a look, "If you are married you know this look"

I said to him,, "What did you do?" 

To dry was 25 Cents per dryer, We had three loads, Three Dryers, A quarter each..


He said to me,, "The Clothes are DRY, Wasn't that the point?"

Are you Kidding ME??

We exchanged a few Sweet Words to one another!!

Moral of the story? 

It got done! There is more than One way, to get a task done!

Now when the BH & I get into a situation about how to tackle an event, We say

BH & I had to attend a mandatory Marriage Retreat, (Yes, Mandatory) The U.S. Army is trying to help the divorce rate we have... Good Call, While in our retreat, We were asked what is the "Secret to your marriage?" Okay,, They asked all of us.. We giggled & Said "Seventy Five Cents" & Then the BH Fessed up ,,, & I don't do laundry...EVER!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!  (If you see any Fireworks tonight, Not to Worry, IT's JUST US!!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Skip the Salad!!

Tonight was "Date Night", So loaded up with our coupon from Valpak,,, We headed to the "Melting Pot" here in Columbia!
We had their special, A 4 Course meal, Including a Bottle of Wine!! 1st Course is the Cheese Fondue!,, We got the Cheddar Fondue, Our friends got the Quartro Formmage..(There's was better, don't tell them) We shared & Fun was had by all!
I like Salt & I like Pepper,, But our wait staff brought out, Garlic & Wine Seasoning,,, Ohhhhhh HELLO!! Wine in Powder form, I love it!!

I know what you are thinking, & No It didn't fall into my purse!
At some point the "Salad" Came out, This is just a little FYI from me...
"SKIP THE SALAD",,, Next Course.... The good Stuff...
Our wait staff gave us this "Spoon", They call it a RESCUE Spoon,, << It helped me ..Rescue our Shrooms, Taters & Broccoli

We had Fillet, Salmon, Shrimp, Terikai Sirloin....& Chicken!,,Rule of thumb here is... If it walks on Land, Give it 2 Minutes in the pot , If it swims, give it a 1.5 minutes!
Simple ,, Good I can remember that!
Now all 3 of the course prior to this are nice, Very Nice...
However now, you get the chance to pick something from the Chocolate Food Group!
Milk, White or Dark, We got the "Flaming Dark"!!!
Why do you think Chocolate tastes better when it's been set on fire?

Now you can use your skills to skewer your goodies: To include but not limited to:
Strawberries, Brownies, Bananas, Pound Cake, Cheese Cake, Marshmallows
and my Favorite Rice Krispie Treats!!!!! What? They could NOT think of any more
sugary items to include here!
Oh, you have to have NUTS!
Our dessert, also included liquor... I was already headed for a food coma, I just wanted to expedite it!
Thank You, Melting Pot for the fantastic 4 Course Meal, & Thank You
Larry & Mandy for joining us for their last outing here in Columbia,
& Thanks ValPak for the Coupon!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack...

As, we last left the Reserve Flight Attendant, She was sitting in her Crash Pad waiting for the phone to ring & It did at 2:08pm to inform her she in fact had a Trip,,,,, Ahhhh, but to where.... Seattle Washington, & this was not just any trip, any layover, This was a Fantasy trip & a Fantasy layover, How can this be you ask?? I'll tell you:

1st off it was over 30 hours, This is basically unheard of anymore at any airline & especially for a "Domestic" trip!

2nd I had the best crew, They were all Wonderful

3rd Our pick up van was a "Stretch Limo"

4th Did I mention it was over 30 hours??? This means, To a Flight Attendant we get to SLEEP & We get to eat we don't have to decide on just one of those options! On top of that, I got to shop in Pikes Market & even had time to see a Movie

5th I got to meet one of my favorite Tweeter Peeps, Thanks for the "Wine" Mr. Elliott

6th It was over the 4th of July, So I got to see Fireworks & I even got to see Mount Rainier

The only thing that could of made this trip better, Would of been to have shared it with my Better Half, As it was our 18th Wedding Anniversary... With all the cut backs in the airline industry, The flights are so full, I could not get him on the flight!,,, Tis okay, We will celebrate our 4th of July Wedding Anniversary on the 11th of July!! If you see any fireworks on that evening ..Not to worry it is just US, Celebrating!! *Cheers! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 3, 2009

Reserves: Like playing Craps

Sitting on Reserve Duty at times can be like playing Craps...

Should I??? or Shouldn't I???

Today I am sitting on what we call "Ready Reserve" meaning they (aka: My Company) doesn't have anything for me just now, but be on the Ready! THEY..Give us a relative position on where our standing is last night for example I was 25 out of 52..Pretty much in the middle... This morning when I work up I was 9 out of 30, As of typing this blog I am 4 out of 29.... Odds are looking pretty decent that I will fly this evening....Or Will I???
So, what does "Relative position" mean, Not a Darn Thing!!!!!

This leads to the question..While waiting for this "Phone Call" ...Do I leave the crash pad & go off on a New York City adventure or do I sit & wait for my phone to ring,,, Decisions, Decisions.... This is not a new question to me, this is a long lived question, that has been passed down for years and years from Flight Attendants.

There are only so many times you can just sit & check to see if any Trips have popped into Open Time.. This can happen rather quickly, A Flight Attendant can call in Sick, A Flight Attendant can go go illegal ..So many variables...You can look at the computer & nothing, totally blank, check again in an hour to see 4 trips...As you sit there & pray...OH Please almighty Crew Scheduler, Please give me the 33 hour Seattle layover & POOOOOOOF, It's gone,,,,

DID I get it???? I'll look.... "No" Huff...

Time to go back to my Twitter..... To take my mind off things for awhile...

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