Friday, July 3, 2009

Reserves: Like playing Craps

Sitting on Reserve Duty at times can be like playing Craps...

Should I??? or Shouldn't I???

Today I am sitting on what we call "Ready Reserve" meaning they (aka: My Company) doesn't have anything for me just now, but be on the Ready! THEY..Give us a relative position on where our standing is last night for example I was 25 out of 52..Pretty much in the middle... This morning when I work up I was 9 out of 30, As of typing this blog I am 4 out of 29.... Odds are looking pretty decent that I will fly this evening....Or Will I???
So, what does "Relative position" mean, Not a Darn Thing!!!!!

This leads to the question..While waiting for this "Phone Call" ...Do I leave the crash pad & go off on a New York City adventure or do I sit & wait for my phone to ring,,, Decisions, Decisions.... This is not a new question to me, this is a long lived question, that has been passed down for years and years from Flight Attendants.

There are only so many times you can just sit & check to see if any Trips have popped into Open Time.. This can happen rather quickly, A Flight Attendant can call in Sick, A Flight Attendant can go go illegal ..So many variables...You can look at the computer & nothing, totally blank, check again in an hour to see 4 trips...As you sit there & pray...OH Please almighty Crew Scheduler, Please give me the 33 hour Seattle layover & POOOOOOOF, It's gone,,,,

DID I get it???? I'll look.... "No" Huff...

Time to go back to my Twitter..... To take my mind off things for awhile...

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