Thursday, July 16, 2009

Skip the Salad!!

Tonight was "Date Night", So loaded up with our coupon from Valpak,,, We headed to the "Melting Pot" here in Columbia!
We had their special, A 4 Course meal, Including a Bottle of Wine!! 1st Course is the Cheese Fondue!,, We got the Cheddar Fondue, Our friends got the Quartro Formmage..(There's was better, don't tell them) We shared & Fun was had by all!
I like Salt & I like Pepper,, But our wait staff brought out, Garlic & Wine Seasoning,,, Ohhhhhh HELLO!! Wine in Powder form, I love it!!

I know what you are thinking, & No It didn't fall into my purse!
At some point the "Salad" Came out, This is just a little FYI from me...
"SKIP THE SALAD",,, Next Course.... The good Stuff...
Our wait staff gave us this "Spoon", They call it a RESCUE Spoon,, << It helped me ..Rescue our Shrooms, Taters & Broccoli

We had Fillet, Salmon, Shrimp, Terikai Sirloin....& Chicken!,,Rule of thumb here is... If it walks on Land, Give it 2 Minutes in the pot , If it swims, give it a 1.5 minutes!
Simple ,, Good I can remember that!
Now all 3 of the course prior to this are nice, Very Nice...
However now, you get the chance to pick something from the Chocolate Food Group!
Milk, White or Dark, We got the "Flaming Dark"!!!
Why do you think Chocolate tastes better when it's been set on fire?

Now you can use your skills to skewer your goodies: To include but not limited to:
Strawberries, Brownies, Bananas, Pound Cake, Cheese Cake, Marshmallows
and my Favorite Rice Krispie Treats!!!!! What? They could NOT think of any more
sugary items to include here!
Oh, you have to have NUTS!
Our dessert, also included liquor... I was already headed for a food coma, I just wanted to expedite it!
Thank You, Melting Pot for the fantastic 4 Course Meal, & Thank You
Larry & Mandy for joining us for their last outing here in Columbia,
& Thanks ValPak for the Coupon!
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Wendi said...

I'm in a food coma just looking at the pictures! Yum! All that AND wine?! Nice!

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