Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack...

As, we last left the Reserve Flight Attendant, She was sitting in her Crash Pad waiting for the phone to ring & It did at 2:08pm to inform her she in fact had a Trip,,,,, Ahhhh, but to where.... Seattle Washington, & this was not just any trip, any layover, This was a Fantasy trip & a Fantasy layover, How can this be you ask?? I'll tell you:

1st off it was over 30 hours, This is basically unheard of anymore at any airline & especially for a "Domestic" trip!

2nd I had the best crew, They were all Wonderful

3rd Our pick up van was a "Stretch Limo"

4th Did I mention it was over 30 hours??? This means, To a Flight Attendant we get to SLEEP & We get to eat we don't have to decide on just one of those options! On top of that, I got to shop in Pikes Market & even had time to see a Movie

5th I got to meet one of my favorite Tweeter Peeps, Thanks for the "Wine" Mr. Elliott

6th It was over the 4th of July, So I got to see Fireworks & I even got to see Mount Rainier

The only thing that could of made this trip better, Would of been to have shared it with my Better Half, As it was our 18th Wedding Anniversary... With all the cut backs in the airline industry, The flights are so full, I could not get him on the flight!,,, Tis okay, We will celebrate our 4th of July Wedding Anniversary on the 11th of July!! If you see any fireworks on that evening ..Not to worry it is just US, Celebrating!! *Cheers! Posted by Picasa

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LYN said...

I actually lucked out on my reserve this week. My number was so high I stayed home the first two days...first time I've ever done that. Then I got worried that I was pressing my luck, so I went on up to NY crashpad. When I got there and called in I was 68 or 80.Ugh. So sat all day and watched Lifetime movies. Then I was released and went home the next day. whoooppeee. Ya gotta be patient, Shelby.
Lyn Rose, the happy commuter

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