Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vancouver is Great, But we like Richmond, Canada!

For the 1st couple of days TheBetterHalf & I spent our time in Vancouver, Then we moved to a rather quaint (Cheaper) location in Canada called Richmond, This area turned out to be a nice surprise...
It's on the River, & TBH loves it.

We asked where to go for lunch, Selema at the hotel said we HAD to go to Blue Canoe..

This is the "Blue Canoe" Location was on the Pier, Scenery was Fantastic, Service was great, Their Hamburger could use a little work!!

We parked here for just a little while, It's right across the water from Vancouver (YVR) Airport!!!
************** The Following are just signs that
made me giggle**************
Mix??? Mixed What??

Nudist Colony???

Buck & EAR???

And, Who would not appreciate a sign actually telling the dogs to Have FUN!!!

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Blondie said...

Love this post and your pics!

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