Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now We know the Answer to this Age Old Question!

So the Better Half & I are taking a Mini-Break in Vancouver, Canada (B.C.), BetterHalf tells me he'd like to take a day trip to Whistler....
Awesome I think to myself ,,,
A roadtrip within a roadtrip,,,

As we arrive into Whistler, We see the sign for the
"Olympic Village"...
I so wanna see that, So we hang a left & off to the Village we go!

We get to the Village to see a
Disappointed... We head back to Whistler... When we spot the
On the side of the road: I scream to the BetterHalf:

A Momma Bear & Her 2 Babies,,,,, How Precious. .
Okay, the SideTrip was so worth it!!!

So now, Here is the reason for the Blog:
"Does a Bear, Poop in the Woods?"
We've Busted the Myth:
I'm applying for MythBusters....

Ahhh,,,, "NO"
Actually, They Poo on the Road,,,
This is what I do as a Blogger, I go to great lengths for my readers,,, HA HA HA HA!!
(I hope you see the humor in this, As I did)

Just so you know, You can now fly into Whistler:
Yes!! They have their very own Airline!!

The BetterHalf was dying to jump into this
aircraft & take off....

*** If you're on a road trip in the near future, make sure you stop at Shannon Falls, You'll see it right before you enter the city of Squamish, It's worth the stop!! ***

Thanks for looking.... Laters**

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