Saturday, July 31, 2010

Next Cruise: Spoil Yourself . . .

I know I scared a few folks during my last blog, by showing you a MRE....

I thought I'd share with you a Better memory!

On our last Celebrity Cruise, we opted to dine in the Speciality Resturant on our "At Sea" day..

Alot of other cruisers we speak to, refuse to pay the extra surcharge to dine in this resturant, They say
"We've already paid to eat, why should we pay extra?"


I'll tell ya why... First off the food is far superior..
Secondly the service makes you feel like royalty..

Let's begin with the Salad, Doesn't this just look like a piece of art work? It really was a shame to eat it & Yes, it was as good as it looks! Below is TheBetterHalf salad, I think mine looks best:

Our salads were followed by my Goat Cheese Souffle,
Very decadent...Indeed..

Prior to your main course arriving, you will be offered an "Intermezzo" or a "Trou Normand" Fancy words meaning, to cleanse your palate prior to the GoodStuff arriving!!!

On tonights Menu, Surf & Turf:

Your dinner will be prepared table-side for your viewing pleasure. I cannot complain about cruise food, I've never lost any weight cruising, but this meal kicks it up to an even higher level, Especially if you want to spoil yourself's for one evening, your Birthday, an Anniversary or Just Cuz!

This evening wouldn't be complete without dessert now would it? However, we didn't order any, yet the staff refused to let us go, without something sweet!!! (Like we needed MORE food) =)

TheBetterHalf & I can both highly recommend the splurge, This sure bets an MRE!

Thanks Celebrity Cruise Lines.. It's always a pleasure!!!!

We can't wait for our next Cruise!

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SkyWaitress said...

Greaaat. I just drooled all over my keyboard. Thanks ;)

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