Friday, September 24, 2010

IS The Water safe to drink?

The Better Half, Testing the Water!!
Heading to another country? Do you google...
"Is the Tap Water safe to drink??"

Do you? So Do I... Good to know!

Heading to Hungary, I had to google this tid bit of information:
Well, Is it... ? The answer is YES!!! Not only is the tap water safe to drink... We hear you can drink it straight from the Statues in town.. (He never got sick)
Okay, to me that is pushing the limits of a Safe & Fun holiday... but The Better Half decided to test the theory!
We actually saw several folks filling up their water bottles from the fountains in town..

You notice you do not see me drinking from any of these fountains, Like I told the better half. . . . When they have fountains dispensing WINE, Then I'll Drink!!!

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ThePeachy1 said...

Does this mean the fountains in Russia are flowing with Vodka? and where doe they flow chocolate? These are important travel tips.

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