Friday, September 3, 2010

Bakers Dozen? ~ NOT ~

What's wrong with this Picture?
 This is what you get at the local Budapest Supermarket for 98 Cents or (219 Forint)
And,  Don't try to find a White Egg...
They don't have them!

Also on this subject, if anyone is reading this from Budapest, Can you tell me where you can find Peanutbutter?


Anonymous said...

hey Shelby,

if you will find PeanutButter all and it's not an american brand you know- don't buy. they taste awful. let us Europeans stick to Nutella :)


UpUpnAAway said...


We found the PeanutButter... It's from New Jersey: It was at the TESCO, located in the "International" Section, right next to the Salsa, I laughed so hard!

Blondie said...

Guuurrlll...white eggs/brown eggs...they are all the same! Don't hate because of the color of the shell!

Zsuzsanna said...


I grow up in Hungary... you can buy peanut butter in TESCO at the international foods aisle.

Good luck!

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