Friday, June 20, 2008

Does it really matter?

With all the gloom & doom in the media about high gas prices and the domino effect it's having on prices on everything.... from airline tickets to apples. My question for the day is:

Are gas prices really effecting you....?

The reason I ask, Yesterday I tried an experiment, Yes, it was a one woman experiment ... you sure can't call it official or anything...

I will share...

I set my cruise on 65 mph (5 miles over the speed limit) yesterday on my way home... I was tail gated, flipped off, honked at, given sneers, and passed like I was sitting still by every car on the road from a V8 Escalade, 18 wheelers, school buses, and I believe a Yugo...

If gas price are really so bothersome ,, How come I don't see any changes in my day to day life....? I'm as frustrated at these gas prices as everyone every time I fill up my gas tank!

I'm frustrated at our government for not doing something earlier, I'm frustrated at the car manufactures, I'm frustrated by the lack of mass transportation where I live.

The news stated last night "we" as a country are driving less...I would agree with that,
I know I am. As far as my experiment is concerned..
We sure are not driving any S L O W E R..
At least not here in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Michele said...

Well, gas in the DFW area seems to be dropping a bit. We literally watched the prices drop about every 30 minutes yesterday. Probably just a ploy to get us to buy more, but nice none the less. It was at $3.79 last I saw last night.

You're right about the habits of speed not changing! I don't drive near as much but I do drive just as fast. It costs about $110 to fill my Tahoe's tank but since I don't owe anything on it, I can't justify buying a new higher MPG car unless I just want to be "green".

As for the government, I choose to back both parties on this issue. We need to start drilling offshore and reserve it for future use. We wouldn't want China slant drilling into our reserves by making a deal with Cuba. BUT...we need to continue to look for alternative fuels and build our mass transit systems.

Good subject, girlfriend!

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