Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wild Blue Yonder...!!!

I sit here this evening watching:
WHEN WE LEFT EARTH: The NASA Missions on Discovery Channel..
I love SPACE, Space programs, Space movies, Space anything. My movie library consists of an entire 4 whole movies, "The Right Stuff" is one of them... I do believe I was more excited to see NASA than my son was when we took him. I even wanted to send my son to Space Camp, just so I could go and live vicariously thru him..

I told you that story .. To tell you this one:

As a Flight Attendant .. I try not to bother my "VIP Passengers",, First off I don't usually know who they are, I don't usually recognize them, or bite my tongue for saying this... You love the character of who they portrait, Yet in person they are horrible human beings.. (You know who you are)

One special day, My VIP list came to me ...there was a name I actually recognized..I was so excited!! I was informed by VIP services ..Not to let "others" bother this specific passenger... "OTHERS",, That means everyone else right? That couldn't possibly include ME?? Half way thru the flight ... I sat down next to him & said "I have NEVER asked anyone for their autograph until today, But I'm going to ask you"... To date: Dr. Buzz Aldrin is the only autograph I have & Treasure!

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