Monday, April 21, 2008

Yes..Robin there is a real BAT CAVE!!

We had the pleasure of being the guests of Lake Junaluska, North Carolina this weekend.
This was the location for our US Army sponsored Marriage Retreat. I guess it worked, We are still officially married!!
Lake Junaluska is absolutely stunning, peaceful, (when the geese are not fussy) ... A real refuse, I think Jack & I'd go back even if it weren't for a marriage retreat.. This picture does not even do our surroundings justice. If you ever want to just get away from it all... This is the place. Rich in spiritual surroundings, set in the mountains near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Spring was just arriving up there .. the new buds, the brand new baby leaves still soft to the touch, the delicate new flowers made up of all the spring colors, made this weekend get-a-way a sweet treat. Only thing that could of made the long two lane winding roads even better would of been if we had been on the motorcycle.
We did have to detoured just a few miles..... This was to visit the "don't blink" Bat Cave, North Carolina. YES it is real..... !! Didn't actually see Batman... Maybe next time.


Denise said...

Moma Sally forwarded me your blog! how cool is that. I love hearing all about your travels. Your favorite sister-in-law EVER!

Blondie said...

I am expecting LOTS of posts when you get back from your damn cruise!!!

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