Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tell me your SECRET Password

Okay, I've forgotten my Password....We've all done it RIGHT??? ...... Don't tell me it's just me?
In our Technogadgetity world we live into today, I'm actually surprised I can work my dishwasher without inserting a Password, I'm so over Passwords....
So, I pick up the phone & I dial the 800 Help Desk, 20 Minutes into my Muzak Coma, I get...
"Your call is very important to us, please continue to hold"....
Do I have a choice? I have to get into my account!!! I'm locked out,,
Finally, A Human... I answered the ubiquitous barrage of questions, Name,Birthdate, Name of 1st born..Blah Blah Blah!! Till we get to the "Real" Security Questions...
"What is your favorite travel destination?"......
This one is easy,, France...
'"No, Ma'am, That is not the correct Answer,,,,,"
YES IT IS!... Paris, No, Ma'am, England? No, Ma'am.. Are you kidding me?
Can you tell me if it is Stateside or Overseas?
"I can't give you any hints, & We can't move to the next questions till we can pass this one",,,
There are MORE Questions...
Now, here is my delima, As a Flight Attendant & avid Travel Junkie... How in the world could I just pick one favorite travel destination... Apparently ...I DID... What could it possibly be?
I explain this to my Help Desk Rep... She at least has a great personality... & keeps saying Nope, that's not it, Nope, Not that one either.... Then she said:
"If I tell you what year you established the question, Would that help???"
Well, at this point it can't HURT, Now can it!!

Bingo, 2002 Means it was Dubai! Click, I'm unlocked & Now I must remember yet another new

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