Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Cats of Istanbul

In all of our Travels, The "Better Half" & I are used to seeing stray dogs, I can't tell you how many grocery stores we have gone into to buy Doggie treats, Not in Istanbul.. No No, It's CATS, Cats & More Cats!
They are Everywhere.... & they want to be in Pictures, So I felt obligated to include them in my Blog.

This little girl, would not leave us alone, She was bound & determined to be in the shot.
Here she is pouting, because we tried to "Shooooo" her away, As you can see...She WON!
Jack has made a new friend!

This was the Guard Shack Kitty! "Ms.PurrsAlot"
These two Lovies joined us for lunch~
This one is just checking out the "Tourists"
This little one, I do believe wanted our camera, Maybe kitty wanted to snap our photo?

This beauty is guarding the Palace with her buddy...

All is well,,,
Are you, Lookin at Me?
Nap Time!!
Thanks for looking at The Cats of Istanbul. . .
Have a puuuuuuuuuurfect Day!

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