Monday, January 19, 2009


When can you officially say you are moved in?
When you've moved out of the old residence? When you can actually sleep in the new house?When you can make a meal in the new kitchen? When you can walk thru your new house in the dark & not trip over any boxes... Okay ... Let's go with that one..

As of today all the boxes are officially unpacked.... This was not a big move, we just moved 4 doors down.. You'd think this would make it even easier,,, NOT SO! Frustrating was the fact we were going from a 3 bedroom to a 2. Shoving 2 rooms into 1, is always so much fun...
We have way to much JUNK!

The hubby didn't want to stay in this Apartment complex... Why you ask.. Well, that is the reason for this blog: Would you not stay at a location because of the name in your mailing address...?

We live on a street called "SPARKLEBERRY" & no matter how hard my hubby tries he can't lower his voice enough to make this name sound manly.. You just can't butch this name up.. What upsets him is...We live between..."BOMBING RANGE" & "SCREAMING EAGLE" ... Cool names ...huh He will refuse to call customer service places he says "I can hear them laughing" when he gives our address... What's in a name? Does it really matter?

In 1991 we didn't purchase a house because it was located on "SALISBURY".. Would you be able to think of anything but Salisbury Steak when you pulled into your driveway?

The joy in all of this? We get to do it all again in 7 months...When we move back home.

At least we have clean closets... For now~~

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Claudia said...

congrats for the clean closets, I wish mine were clean!
well,a friend of mine lived in Paris for a while in the rue Gibez...if you pronounce that in french it means "I f***k there" lol
greetings from Austria,

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