Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ahhhhhhh, Barcelona ....

We have a new city we adore!!!!

~ Barcelona, Spain ~

We had such an enjoyable time in our recent visit to Spain, Prior to our 7 day Celebrity Cruise!
We decided that because it was such a short cruise, We'd spend 4 days in Barcelona .. Guess what? 4 days wasn't enough!! I was actually surprised at how much we enjoyed this great city.

With our Metro T10 pass in hand & the free shuttles from our Renaissance Hotel the city was ours by the 2nd day we knew the lay of the land & already had our favorite coffee shoppe.

Pickpockets: Yes, we heard about them, we felt safe the entire time!
Question is: Do you look like a Tourist? We saw several Americans, carrying large purses, 1000 dollar camera hanging around their necks, Might as well have had a bulls-eye on their forehead saying PICK ME PICK ME!

A friend of mine was mugged, She was upset she lost her Rolex!!!
"Why are you wearing your Rolex here??" Seriously??

Here are just a few pictures with comments we hope you enjoy!
(Click the pic to read the comments,,sorry)

**No podem esperar a tornar a la seva ciutat**

Tomorrow: Montserrat


Oussama said...

I agree totally with you, Barcelona is a one of my favorite cities. Went there to take deliveries of aircraft and fell in love with the place.
I just love to walk around La Rambla and the city, the diversity of the architecture and buildings. And not to forget the food.

The Flying Pinto said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us;-)

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