Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 2: Montserrat

After a great nights rest, We had booked a tour to Montserrat.

Montserrat is a mountain near Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. It is a sight of a Benedictine Abbey.

In 880AD legend has it, that shepherds discovered a hidden statue of the "Black Virgin" in the mountains of Montserrat, after seeing a bright light & hearing heavenly music, that lead shepherds here. Since the discovery, Montserrat has been one of the most important religious pilgrimage sites in Spain since the 9th century. There were no less than 500 folks in line to touch this "Black Virgin".

We were scheduled to take a tour to Montserrat, The morning of the tour we were called & informed it had been cancelled. "No problem" our Concierge said "you can take a train & do the tour yourself",, Now why didn't he tell us this LAST NIGHT?

The Metro in Spain is super easy!!! 22Euros & an hour later & we were standing on Montserrat!
You have 2 choices when doing this trip by Metro, 1: TransMonserrat or 2: TotMontserrat
Want to know the difference? 15Euro! Okay Seriously ...Tot you get the Museum & Lunch
That's it! At metro stop "Plaza Espanya", go downstairs
head towards the S4 line, there, you can plenty of folks to help you. The ticket machines work in several different languages. The trains for Monserrat run at 36 past the hour. It is not suggested to do this tour on Sunday, I can't even imagine what it must look like, It was packed the day we were there & it was a Friday. Make sure you get a good seat early in the chapel if you want to hear the children's choir at 1:pm. It is differently worth a day trip if you are visiting Barcelona.

Next Cannes, France

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