Friday, December 18, 2009

Reserve Duty & A bunch of NYC 1st

At some point yesterday, A Facebook message pops up...Who's sitting on Reserve Duty in NYC & not flying, Do you want to go to St Patrick's Cathedral & listen to some Christmas music?? .I DO...I DO...I DO...

Off we go,,, Krystal, Laurie, Brent & Me...
This was their 30th Annual "A City Singing at the Christmas", My favorite was the Young People's Chorus of New York City ...Carol of the Bells... Fantastic!!!
St Patricks was packed, We did arrive in enough time to get a Real seat. The middle picture above shows the monitor we watched the program on, The last program was a Candle light service. It was amazing to see everyone in this Church, Lights dimmed accordingly singing "Oh Silent Night" with just a warm glow of candle light. Hopefully I can do this again next year!
So this is where Bryant Park is,,,
I felt like the biggest tourist when we got near Rockerfeller Center, This evening was brutal cold, that didn't stop us from viewing the "TREE". The highlight of the evening was when the Sac's 5th Avenue, played the Snowflake light show on it's building , it was amazing & magical. Really put me in the spirit of Christmas & helped me forget the days on end I had been sitting at the Crashpad waiting on the call that never came.
To add to my list of 1st, My Crew walked me over to Grand Central Station, You know how you see something & you say to yourself, " I always thought "THIS" would be Bigger" Say like the Alamo, I can honestly say Grand Central Station holds up to it's end of the bargain on this one, It's Huge, Historic & Spectacular !!
Underneath Grand Central Station, You have Shopping & Dinning areas, Brent my Classmate, Crashpad Roomie & Friend said "Do you like Cheesecake?, We have to hit Junior's",,,,
It was a hit,,,everyone got New York Cheesecake with Cherries,
Krystal didn't wait for us....She dug right in,,,
I was in a Holiday Mood, So I got the Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake,,,It was DEEELISH!
So, good that we had to get some just to take back to the Crashpad for Breakfast!
Brent & I, At Grand Central Station... He was so knowledgeable about this place he was a font of information,,, He said "Did you know they were going to tear this place down?",, What a loss of a landmark that would of been, This is a Grand Place, & A Must see if you are ever in the New York City area,,,,

Thank You, Krystal, Brent & Laurie for sharing this wonderful evening with me!

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flyddw said...

Looks like fun! I lived in NJ for 3 years, in and out of NYC. Before I left, I had to made a SPECIAL trip to Grand Central Station.

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