Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flight Attendant Packing list for December

A few days ago, I got my December schedule, NO SURPRISE I'm working Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day...
Oh Joy, Joy!!
Now why is this Blog worthy?
I reflected back to one of my Christmas dinners a few years ago,
It was from a Vending machine..
Now, Flight Attendants, 99% of the time have snacks in their roller-board..
& December will be no exception, I'm going to bring all my favorites in case I'm stuck in NeverNeverLand over the Holidays again.
So what are some of the goodies that Flight Attendants might have in there, I'll share some of my favorites: (above) Nice breakfast item, True Delights: Dark Chocolate, Raspberries, & Almonds
I might need a light snack of Pretzels & Cheese
Lasagna for Christmas Dinner, Maybe?
You Always need COOKIES!
These handy Tuna Fish packet are always good in a quick pinch, they lay flat & they are great with Crackers,,,, (Just don't eat on the plane please)
Maybe I'll get lucky & I can grab a Salad, I can always toss Chicken on top!!
Always bring Good Creamer,,, So, you can enjoy your hotel room coffee!

Below is what was offered in my Crown Plaza, How can one make a decent cup of coffee with this?

You just gotta have some comfort food: Mac & Cheese always fits the bill...
Soup, Enough Said!
Yummy, Almonds: Regular & Dark Chocolate Cocoa flavored ones for dessert!

Hopefully, I will have a wonderful Christmas dinner somewhere with my Crew, even if I don't I will be prepared this year...for a nice hotel room picnic...

Flight Attendants are nothing if we are not creative,
So let me hear from you FA's whats your favorite snack to bring?

On another note, Dear Passengers,
Please pack a snack for yourself & or your Children flying with you..We will be seeing even more delays with weather approaching & that One & a half hour flight you booked to Grandma's house could be delayed for hours,,,
I've been told by passengers: "I didn't think we could bring snack thru Security"
Sure you can...
As long as it is not packed in liquid,,
Check out the TSA web-sight:
Keep in mind: We can't heat up your food
& please be mindful of the "Odor" of the items
that may offend those sitting around you.

If you don't fly often, Please check out the TSA Web-Sight..
I see passengers getting their items tossed in the trash everyday if they exceed 3 ounces.
Sorry, Ladies but the TSA does not care just how much you paid for that
facial moisturizer,,,,

When in doubt, Ask a Flight Attendant =)
I'm FlyAArmy@gmail.com

PS: To my fellow Military Members:
Question was: Can I eat an MRE onboard the Aircraft?

Yes, You can, However you cannot "Heat" them onboard!!



The Friendly Skies said...

ohhh nice post... i will post mine soon! :)

oh and I love love love those 100 cal almond packs... great for curbing hunger for a few hours... :)

UpUpnAAway said...

I just finished reading yours as a matter of fact,,,,

I love the CrockPot Turkey,,, Brad said maybe We should travel with our CrockPots in tow,,

I say, wouldn't be a bad idea!

Traytable said...

I love cup-a-soups, those Japanese miso paste sachets and if there's a shop nearby I usually get fruit. Depends where I'm going...

Wendi said...

It's like MRE's for flight attendants!

I hope your holiday travels are safe and uneventful.

UpUpnAAway said...

I do have an MRE or 2, Stashed at the Crash Pad, Just in Case,,, LoL,,,

Happy Holidays to you as well!!!

Al's Fly Gal said...

Love it!

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