Monday, November 30, 2009

HO HO HO,,,,Merry "Early" Christmas

After weeks of Brad (Aka: @Brajit ) Taunting me, Via Twitter & Skype, I got my 1st Official Christmas Gift today... All I saw for weeks was this Big White Box,,
Even though I tried to bribe half of Twitter, My Buddies, would not budge or gimme a hint.
Today was the day, Brad was a true friend in stride, as he rolled out of his warm, comfy bed at Oh' Dark Thirty to drown my sorrows in pancakes at IHop.
I truly have spent endless hours glancing thru SkyMall Magazine... Believe it or NOT, I've never seen these plates.. But Brad DID, & I ADORE THEM!!!
My morning was soon filled with "Cheer", No,,,,Not the kind you drink...with laughter..
These plates are just too Precious,,,,
"Chianti" Get Up,,,,Who thinks of this stuff,,,,
I will treasure my "Holiday Cheer" Plates & I will also treasure our IHop Pancakes...
See Brad, It was worth the wait, Yes? Today was the perfect day for our Gift Exchange!!!
Sometimes procrastination is a GOOD THING!
Thank You, SABLB

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Al's Fly Gal said...

That is so cool. I saw those plates while looking through Sky Mall, on one of my commutes. What great friends you have!

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