Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let's talk food; Italian Style

I am standing near the River Arno, which is spanned by the famous Ponte Vecchio (behind me) the only of Florence's bridges not to be blown up in the Second World War.
Since my kitchen has been torn up for a little over a week now, I can't get in there & cook, it's actually making me miss FOOD, That got me to reflecting on the amusing bistro found one afternoon in Florence, Italy.. I thought I'd share this delightful place with you . . . So that next time you happen to be strolling in Florence looking for a place to grab a quick bite, you can tell them I sent you.
The name of this little gem is called
Baldovino, You know the only reason we picked it? Because I saw "Vino" in the name, "This HAS to be a good place, Right?" It was!
It is near "Plazza S Croce", On Via San Giuseppe 22R, Firenze (Florence)
We started off with the Local Red Wine.. . . . (Stop laughing)
Appetizer for the Better Half: Bruschetta (Above)
Appetizer for Me: Focaccia Bread, Italian Style
I know for a fact It will be difficult for me to eat Focaccia bread
any other way!
We had spent the morning in Pisa,,, (More on that later),,, As hunger began to creep in, All I could think about was enjoying a Tuscan lunch,,, What better to have than a real Pizza!
I can't say enough about this wonderful establishment, Be sure to eat early, Baldovino's fills up quickly during lunch time, Besides, after you eat all of this spectacular food, You will need to walk it off admiring Florence.


Oussama said...

Well you are certainly right, reading this made me hungry. Food is a great part of any culture and it is probably the easiest way to bring cultures closer. Bon Apetite.

UpUpnAAway said...

You are so right,,,,& Thank you for the kind words!!

I loved the food, I am now looking at food an entirely different way since I've been home. . .

I want to find a cooking school now in Tuscany & jump in the deep end ... =)

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