Thursday, November 26, 2009

100th Post on such a Special Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Our Tradition is to decorate our "Christmas" Tree the evening of Thanksgiving
While we won't be putting up our "Real Tree" this year, 1. Because
I will be working nearly the entire month of December &
2. My Better Half (BH) will be en route to Afghanistan.
I refuse to put it up, till we can share a Christmas together!
So, this year is our KEY CHAIN CHRISTMAS TREE!!
What? ? You don't know what this is?
This is something that started a few years ago...
I'll share: When you visit a city you buy souvenirs right?
Well, we buy Key Chains & we put them up, only to bring them
out on Thanksgiving to place on our Christmas Tree..
It is such a great evening to reflect on our memories we've shared throughout the years, we've been together..
Here are just a few of our Memories: Barcelona, Spain
Australia (yes, I know it's upside down) Get it?

We have many many MEMORIES on this tree,,,& hopefully many more MEMORIES to add
Thank You for letting me share our Thanksgiving Tradition

Last Years tree at Fort Jackson, SC

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Oussama said...

Key Chain Xmas tree, such a wonderful idea and a great tradition. Must bring out very happy and loving memories.

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