Monday, November 16, 2009

Demolition Day Part I

Have you ever asked yourself, "What were we waiting on?" This is my Kitchen...
This was my Kitchen last night as I was snapping Buhbye photos of it... After being away from our home for the past 3 years, We returned in September & said "Out with the old" I wished we had upgraded the kitchen years ago.
I used to like shopping for make-up, shoes & clothes, funny how you become a homeowner & you get excited by granite, back splashes, tumbled stone, recycled glass & magnets in kitchen faucets . .
The only reason we are "Fixin" up the old gal is because we are going to sell it in the near future and build our "Dream House". . . Oh Course BH said: "We are going to like it so much we are going to want to stay" NOT!
When we moved here in 1996 BH & I did a lot of upgrading. . . who knew that it would look so dated 10 years later..Well, not anymore, Not after today!
We found a man named Jesus to help us in this endeavor. . He's wonderful, He's only been here an hour & I'm already in love with my new kitchen. . . & I'm going to ask Jesus later if he can turn water into Wine!!
More later: Let me get back to the "Bang, Bang, Boom, Boom, Grind, Grind" Stay tuned to view the finished product, before we begin on the bathrooms!

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The Friendly Skies said...

yay!!! can not wait to see the end results! :) have fun.

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