Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What to do with Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

You've seen it or You've done it
You open the Can & Dump it on a plate & Put it on the Table. . . Happy Thanksgiving!!  Right?


While, I'm waiting on my Cake, for my Cake Balls to cool (Next Blog)  ~ I'm sharing with you all, how I enjoy my Thanksgiving Cranberries...  
I eat Cranberries once a year, Thanksgiving!!!

If I am going to eat them, I'm going to fix em up, Go ahead don't be scared...Impress your guests & Family!
I add a bit of Coconut, Pecans, Marshmallows,  A splash of Orange Liqueur, Splash of Vanilla,  1/4 Cup of Cream Cheese & My Secret ~ (Don't tell anyone)
Some ground pepper!!

If you can make this the night before it's actually better, All of the flavors have time to blend. . .   ENJOY!!!
It sure beats looking at this stuff flopped on a plate straight from the can!!


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