Saturday, May 23, 2009

ReeeeeeeeeeeCalculating... ARGH

This was my view for 212 Miles from Columbia, SC to Dillard, GA
It was a fantastic trip, Not to hot, Not to sunny,, Just Right...
Only problem was... My Better Half.. Mr. US Army, Halo, Pathfinder,
Airborne Ranger, feels his GPS on his Motorcycle is LYING TO HIM!

I promised my husband a Motorcycle if he came home alive from Iraq...
Two years ago, We purchased a Mack Daddy Honda Goldwing, We
lovingly call our "Couch Rocket".. This Couch Rocket has a GPS....
Nice lovely thing.. That says "Huffff...Reeee-Calculating"
every time my Better Half doesn't believe her!

Only reason I bring this up, It took us 7 hours to drive 212 miles from Columbia to
Dillard, SEVEN HOURS!,,, Longest trip we have taken on the Couch Rocket
to date as been about 2 hours... On a nice Sunday Drive!

Better Half's way is ---> "WE GO DUE WEST"

Good thing there was a sign for that (See Above) or we'd still be driving!

On his behalf, I programed the GPS (BH doesn't know how to) to stay off the Highways,
I am aware this adds time to your journey, we had calculated this ...
Had hubby believed Ms GPS we wouldn't of done the 100 U Turns we did,
We ended up in some Kuunn-Treeeee!!

Tomorrow we will attempt Tail of the Dragon , 11 Miles // 318 Turns
Wonder how long that will take us!

Wish us luck!

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The Flying Pinto said...

Great pictures...glad to hear you had to buy your honey the motorcycle: )

Love the picture of your two faces!!

flying mum said...

What is with men and directions? LOL

Sounds like a fun road trip!

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