Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How long does it take you to get to work!

If you read the AirlineReporters Blog about:

Exclusive Interview: A Flight Attendant on Crashpads

This was a comment that was left by Temo:
Wow, I was one of the people that imagined flight attendants living in nice hotel rooms that the airlines paid for. You always see the flight attendants and the pilots leaving in small groups and always thought to myself, “there they go, on to their nice hotels”. This is a great story and interview. Thanks for posting!

I got a great laugh out of that, I too, thought all Flight Crews just popped out of their Limo's looking fresh & rested ready for a great day in the Air!....I thought this, Prior to becoming a Flight Attendant... Yes Temo, we do get to SLEEP in "nice hotels" on occasion... anywhere from 8 Hours to 33 Hours for domestic (US) Trips!,, These rooms are indeed paid for by our companies...

Crashpads are paid for by you guessed it >>>US, The Flight Attendants, Pilots & anyone else who sleeps in one! Most people assume the company pays for our Crashpads,,, Nope!! Only place I know that pays for their Flight Crews is in Dubai, I am sure there are several others overseas, but not here in the U.S.!

This got me to thinking the other day, When you see "The Fresh and Relaxed Flight Attendants" stepping out of the Crew Van, Those are usually the ones that have just slept in that nice layover hotel, Here is something else you don't see, Just how long does it take us to get to that point?

I commute from Columbia, South Carolina to New York (LGA, or JFK) Depending on the day,,, It has taken me on average anywhere from 8 Hours to 13 Hours just to get to work or the crashpad! How can this be? The flight from South Carolina to New York is only 1:30 hours.

Let's look at my last trip:

Depart House: 1400

Drive: 2.5 hours to CHS (Charleston International Airport)

Flight Departs: 1845 (US Air flight) Didn't make that flight

Next Flight: 1930 (Delta) Made my "backup" flight!

Board: 1950

Flight Departs: 2015 (1.40 Flight Time)

Arrive New York's LGA Airport: 2210

Walk to Crash Pad: 20 Minutes

1st Glass of Wine: 2230

My Flight is the next day & departs at 1400, An entire 24 hours after I have left my home for Work!!!

And, This was a Good Day!!! I can promise you ,, I do not arrive to my CrashPad looking: Fresh, Relaxed or Cute,

Today I am playing with the Commute Gods,, I am NOT going to fly in the day before, No...No...I am going to fly in tomorrow, the Day of my trip...since my work flight departs very late in the afternoon, CLT to JFK I am leaving myself 4 flights on 3 different airlines to get me to work,,

Wish me Luck!!!

PS: Again, These flights are not paid for my the company,, If you choose to "Commute", It's ON ME,, how I get to work!

Keep your questions & comments coming...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, My Co-Worker commutes from SHANGHAI!


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