Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is a Crash Pad?

Do you Twitter? I do, I love it... There is a huge & diverse Aviation group on Twitter, I believe between all of us, We could run a great Airline!

I was taken aback a few weeks ago, When a statement came across my Tweets from @AirlineReporter He says~~~I know lots about "Airlines", yet I don't know what
a "CrashPad" is? Ahhh, Blog Time... I feel honored to have been interviewed by

There are nights when I am thrilled to return to my "Bunk Bed" @ my "Crash Pad"
& sleep for a few hours before the next flight, You have to laugh when you hear others say "Ohhhh I could NEVER Do that"...

I dream of a Fantasy Crash Pad, Where everyone has their own room & bathroom, Maybe someday when I win the Lotto!.. I also think I'd use another name for it... I don't like "CRASH" in the name of where I sleep!,, Luxury Pad? Dream Land Pad? Free Wine & Sleep Pad?

Thank You, David for the opportunity to share a Day in the life of a Crash Pad"


The Flying Pinto said...

Love your interview! Great job to both: )

Heather said...

I am reading this at my crash pad, and , yes there is a bunk bed only 3 feet away from me as I type. But luckily I have the place to myself tonight!!

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