Friday, August 21, 2009

My Office Window!

When you look out of your office window, What do you see?? This is my view, Or Rather, this was my view on 15 Aug from LGA to MIA! This was my last flight for awhile...So I snapped lots & lots of photos, To remember the GOOD STUFF!

If you are on the 1st flight of the day, this may be what you get to see... My Clean Office!!

It was a long flight ,,, So I took a 5 minute break, So I could snap the above photos for you all.
Starting 1 September, I will start an Overage leave, I took off September/October & November, I may or may not return to flying in December... Depending on the Furlough numbers that will post in September (Fingers Crossed)
I had a passengers ask me "Aren't you afraid of flying?",,, I asked her, "How did you get here?", She said, I Drove, I then asked her "Aren't you afraid to drive?",, I'd rather be 30,000 feet up, than sitting in traffic!! I dislike driving...
Keep Flying... Please ... I Need a JOB!

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