Monday, May 3, 2010

Nice Watch?

So, Today is MilitaryMonday & My GuestBlogger, BestFriend & FavoriteHusband didn't write a blog for me to post, That got me to thinking of this recent email he sent me: Topic
"How his day was going"

....on my last mission to the Afghanistan Airport, The police guard wouldn't open the gate...he went over to my driver, they had a heated discussion for about two minutes....the guard finally threw up his hands and open the we are pulling out I asked my driver "What the heck that was all about?"
Are you ready for this, my driver said the police officer wanted his shoes before he would open the gate....

Now, Let's put this in prospective...You are driving thru the toll booth at DFW International Airport, You pull up & the booth operator looks into your car and says..> "Nice Watch".....

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