Monday, July 7, 2008

Izzy takes a Holiday! !

Even your four legged furry family members need a holiday too... Right?

Over the 4th of July, Izzy was the guest of Camp Bow Wow Columbia SC

We have searched for a long time to find a place that I would not feel guilty for boarding my loved one (yes I know she is a dog) but she is my Baby!! And, At Camp BowWow they understand this!!!!
Nine out of ten times.... when we go anywhere,
We fly Izzy to Granny & Grampy's house!
Nothing can come close to having your baby with her
Grandparents (so they can spoil her) while you are off gallivanting around the country...

However, We have found a home away from home for Izzy..
At Camp Bow Wow they just know what it is that Mom's and Dad's
yearn for, for their pets... This is truly where a Dog can be a Dog...
you are free to sneak a peak at your baby via the web cam during playtime..
(Picture below: Via web cam "Izzy & a few friends")
(Yes, my baby is in that group, being bossy I'm sure)

We got to set up her own area.. When I had questions about how she was doing, an Email was never far behind, Telling me about her day and who she was playing with.
Who would not love this? I knew she was in good hands.. and that makes me happy!
Miss Independent heading to the play ground, That is okay, there is a Web
cam out there too...

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