Sunday, July 27, 2008

Decisions, Decisions,,,

What to do? .. What to do?... It is time for a Mini-Holiday...

We have decided on the area: New England / Canada

We have decided on the month: September 08

Now we have to decide: Cruise or Drive

My time here in the Army is finally becoming "SHORT" by short I mean .. about 6 months left ..
I actually counted up 93 work days remaining: In the Army you get 2.5 days of vacation a month and you must use them wisely or you have to sell then when you leave, I am not going to SELL MY DAYS OFF! I'm going to take them ... Alot of folks I work with have 30, 40 even 70 days, I can't wrap my head around that,, Why would you not take your leave? There are cruises to be sailed, Safari's to be safaried, Roads to be traveled,,,,

I've found 3 great cruises, 2 on Princess Cruise Lines & one on NCL, I'm leaning towards Princess because it is cheaper & does basically the same cruise as NCL.

OR Do you just fly up, rent a car & drive! My Better half & I love to drive!! Once in Ireland the better half & I had a great itinerary planned, HA HA, that went out the window on day 2... We got in the car that morning, started driving south, In the next city (18 miles away) we decided this is where we were going to spend the night, it was such a lovely town! (Cobh, Ireland)

Anyone, have any advice??

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Blondie said...

Cruise, cruise, cruise!!!

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